USC COVID-19 Update – July 30, 2020 (revised on 7/4/2020)

Dear USC Family,

Thank you for your patience. We know the delayed response has caused a bit of frustration and we share those sentiments as we’ve been working diligently in the background gathering all of the information required to make a final decision regarding USC 2020. We now have all the information we need, and although things are gradually starting to open up, unfortunately, there aren’t any viable options at this time! So, with all that’s going on, and in the interests of passenger safety, we’re sad to announce that Ubersoca Cruise 2020 will be rescheduled to November 2021.

Now for the Good News!

We actually have some great news! We’ve already confirmed our NEW sailing dates for USC 2021. Both cruises will sail from Orlando, Florida on November 5-10, 2021, and the 2nd cruise from November 10-15. We’ll be sailing on the same ship, Independence of the Seas, to two NEW exotic destinations including a brand-new port: Taino Bay (Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic) and a second port, which we will confirm shortly. In short, it’s the Same Ship, New Dates, 2 New Destinations…same Epic Experience!

When this is finally over, we’re all going to need something to look forward to and we especially look forward to seeing all of you. To make things easy, we have created 3 options for our guests:

Option 1 (Stay n Play):

A. If you wish to STAY-n-PLAY, there’s no need to do anything. Your reservation will be automatically transferred to the same ship and same cabin on the rescheduled cruises for 2021. A new email confirmation will be sent to you soon reflecting the updates.

B. All payments will remain suspended until January 30, 2021, giving all guests an 8-month break from making payments. All payment plans will be updated automatically to re-commence on Jan 30, 2021. When payments resume, they will be even lower and spread out over a period of 9-months. If you would like to continue making payments, you can do so by logging into your account online.

Option 2 (Move n Grove Plan):

A. For those guests that are unable to make the dates in 2021, no worries, your Future Cruise Credit will be available to use until 2022. Simply fill out the Move n Groove Form  by August 31, 2020 and we will issue a Future Cruise Credit for the full amount you have already paid towards USC 2020.

Option 3 (Cabin Replacement Program):

If you’re unable to sail with us in 2021, or 2022, and wish to cancel, we’ve introduced a new Cabin Replacement Program to assist you with the sale of your cabin.

If you still wish to cancel and want to participate in the program, please complete the Cabin Replacement Program Form  by 5:00pm EST on August 10th, 2020. Any cancellation requests received after this date will not be eligible and will be subject to our standard terms.

Cancellation requests will be processed in the order in which they are received, cabins will then be returned to inventory and later sold on a first come first serve basis first preference to those who have already RSVP’d for USC 2021. Once your cabin is sold, your cabin transfer will be processed andmyou will receive a full refund including your deposit.

Please understand that this is a process, your cabin will not be sold overnight. It will take some time to execute cabin transfers and refunds and therefore we appreciate your patience and understanding in advance.

**Please note that any guest with an active chargeback on file/pending will NOT be eligible for either option until the chargeback has been cancelled and proof of cancellation has been provided.

Nathaniel Turner
CEO & Founder, Ubersoca Cruise


USC COVID-19 Update – May 19, 2020

Dear USC Family,

During the last few weeks we have taken the time to reach out to a number of our guests in order to understand how our passengers have been affected by Covid-19. Having taken those soundings, we acknowledge that some of our communications may have fallen short of the standard we strive to attain in our interactions with our guests. For that we genuinely apologize.

The health and safety of our passengers has always been paramount, and while the overwhelming majority of our guests are still very much looking forward to USC 2020, we understand that some of you may wish to focus on other priorities at this time.

For that reason, we have been actively working in the background to assist those who are experiencing challenges as a result of Covd-19. We have already found solutions for a number of guests and, in some cases, have agreed to defer payments for those experiencing financial hardship. This is in addition to our offer to waive late fees, name change fees and lower monthly payments which will continue until further notice.

If you are also experiencing financial hardship and wish to avail yourself of these and other relief measures, please contact our Support Team directly. Rather than address your sensitive and confidential issues in public forums, we prefer that you utilize our call center to find a solution. Each situation is unique and we will do our best to work with you during these trying times.

There is light at the end of the tunnel and we are encouraged by the expedited testing of new treatments like Remdesivir and the collaborative efforts of numerous pharmaceutical companies to develop, manufacture and distribute millions of coronavirus vaccines by September 2020, a move that will facilitate rapid vaccination worldwide, if the treatment proves effective. Although these efforts are promising, USC will not sail until it is safe to do so and we will await further guidance from the CDC/Royal Caribbean (RCL) on what additional safety/security protocols will be implemented on future sailings.

We wish to emphasize that RCL has not made any changes to their November sailings and therefore USC 2020 is due to sail as scheduled on Nov 9-14 and Nov 14-19, 2020. Our team meets regularly with RCL and continues to discuss the new protocols necessary to prevent, detect, contain and respond to Covid-19 on future voyages. Should RCL decide to adjust our itinerary or reschedule the cruise we will let you know. In the interim, we must honor our financial obligations to RCL and continue to work with them line to ensure all necessary public health procedures are in place when cruise lines gradually resume sailing over the summer.

Those of you that have sailed with us know that Ubersoca is much more than just a brand, we are a family. And while others have taken the tough decision to let go of staff, USC continues to maintain and support all of its staff and their families throughout the crisis. We feel the same way about our passengers and will continue to support you and safeguard your investment. Make no mistake, this is complex situation with many moving parts. We therefore appreciate your understanding and ask that you bear with us as we ask the tough questions and advocate on your behalf in the background. Please be assured that YOU WILL NOT LOSE YOUR INVESTMENT and that we will do right by our guests.

We will be holding a webinar in due course and will provide further updates at that time. Please keep your families safe and healthy,

Nathaniel Turner
CEO & Founder, Ubersoca Cruise


USC COVID-19 Update – April 22, 2020

Dear USC 2020 Passengers,

Amidst the uncertainty, we appreciate your ongoing support and loyalty.

While many businesses adapt to the realities of working remotely, we’re fortunate to already be in an established remote environment with the tools and processes in place to continue to serve and support our passengers. Both of our November 2020 cruises are sailing as scheduled and we will continue to operate business as usual and be available to you for support.

In light of the CDC’s recent extension of the temporary 100-day no sail order, some passengers have made enquiries regarding the status of USC 2020. The most burning question appears to be: what will happen in the unlikely event USC 2020 is unable to sail on the scheduled dates due to Covid-19?

With so much confusion out there, we wanted to reassure you that, in the unlikely event that USC 2020 is unable to sail, the cruises will be postponed to a later date and all payments will be credited towards the rescheduled cruise. While our main focus right now is to ensure the health and safety of our passengers, we trust this gives you the confidence to know that your investment is secure.

We continue to monitor the situation and will keep you informed as we learn more. More than ever, please stay safe and healthy!

Yours sincerely,

Nathaniel Turner
CEO & Founder, Ubersoca Cruise


USC COVID-19 Update – March 27, 2020

Dear USC 2020 Passengers,

Notwithstanding recent events, we are confident that Ubersoca Cruise will remain unaffected by Covid-19. The cruise is still over 7 months away and our team is busy planning all of the events surrounding our 5 th Anniversary Celebration. We’re so excited to spend it with you!

The last month, however, has sparked a range of emotions in all us and created a new normal to which I sincerely hope we never get accustomed. No one has been spared the impact of Covid-19 and our hearts go out to all of those who have been directly and/or indirectly affected by the virus.

We understand that the news of Covid-19 may have generated a level of uncertainty regarding Ubersoca Cruise 2020. While we cannot predict the future, we can promise our passengers that our team has your best interests at heart and will do its utmost to render sound decisions based on accurate and reliable information.

For those experiencing acute financial hardship, we would like to do our part by taking the following steps for the next 30 days:

Waive late fees
Waive name change fees
LOWER your monthly payments by extending the FINAL payment deadline to October 30 (March payments and all subsequent payments will be adjusted down accordingly)

Believe it or not, WE’RE FAMILY and FAMILY looks out for one another! We are here for you and will do our best to work with you during this challenging time. All we ask is that you have faith and be patient with our team as we do our best to chart a course towards another epic USC experience!

Yours sincerely,

Nathaniel Turner
CEO Ubersoca Cruise


Ubersoca Cruise 2020 Travel Advisory Update

Dear USC Family,

As we navigate the new realities of the Corona situation (COVID-19), many of you are wondering whether it will affect Ubersoca Cruise 2020. Given the lack of proximity between the Corona announcement and USC 2020 (in November), we are confident that the cruise WILL NOT be affected. In any event, we want to reassure our passengers that your health and safety remains our priority. Please be assured that we are on top of the situation and are being proactive when it comes to protecting the health of our guests, crew and the communities in our destinations.

We are committed to keeping our passengers safe. To this end, Royal Caribbean has already implemented enhanced health screening and boarding protocols to protect our guests and the crew. These precautionary measures including mandatory temperature screenings using digital, non-touch scanners on embarkation day prior to boarding the vessel and secondary screenings. These measures apply to anyone boarding RCL’s vessels, guests and crew alike. In addition, Royal Caribbean has taken further precautionary steps to ensure that their ships and crew remain safe and virus free by suspending all sailings starting March 13th to April 11th 2020.

We recognize that this is a fluid situation and will continue to stay in close contact with the cruise line so that we can update you as we learn more.