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Born and raised in the southland Kees, a former resident of Palmiste San Fernando, attended the Cedar Grove Government Primary School and then Presentation College, where he obtained seven Ones in CXC, two As and two Bs at A’Levels in Sciences. With those accomplishments, Kees’s parents wanted him to become a doctor, but he had another profession in mind—one he dreamt of as a child—to become a singer. This dream came true when he became the front-line singer of cover band Imij and Company. However, in 2005, he exited the band to form his own—Kes The Band which includes two of his brothers.

Since branching out, Kees has managed to achieve significant success on a worldwide scale! Along with his band he has released several albums, with more than a dozen tracks making it into the top ten of major Caribbean charts. Additionally the band has won numerous awards for songwriting; toured globally, performed at major festivals and events in the United States, Canada and Germany; opened for acts such as Sean Paul, Musiq Soul Child, Usher, John Legend, and Rihanna; and had their music featured on television shows broadcast on MTV and BET, as well as licensed tracks to popular games on major video game platforms.

In November 2007 Kees was flown to Nashville Tennessee to work with multiple Grammy Award Winner Desmond Child. The song he co-wrote with Child was recorded by American Idol Ace Young and is featured on his self title album. At the 2009 LA ASCAP Conference Kees was selected out of hundreds to perform at the showcase and left everyone clamouring to meet them. Kees is certainly creating an empire for himself. With a household name, good looks and unbeatable talent, he is definitely here to stay and here to take the music of T&T to the international world.


In 2011 KES continued showing growth with the release of their fourth Album “Wotless” in early 2011. The album’s Title song was one of the most popular for Trinidad and Tobago’s 2011 carnival season as well as many other carnivals in the region.”Wotless” was born from a collaboration between KES and Trinidadian born Singer/songwriter/producer Kerwin Dubois. Kees won the International Groovy Soca monarch competition that year with “Wotless” following an unforgettable performance on Carnival Friday (Fantastic Friday) at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, Trinidad. The song continues to break the band into new markets all around the world. Other album gems included “Where Yuh From” (an anthemic piece calling out to everyone to celebrate and love their homeland, produced by KES and MADMEN PRODUCTIONS), Ah Ting (another strong collaboration with Kerwin Dubois, featuring Kees and Kerwin on vocals) and Come Gyal (produced by KES and 1ST KLASE PRODUCTION).

KES collaborated with Snoop Dogg on a remix of their carnival release STRESS AWAY (produced by 1st KLASE and KES). The single was well received and marked new territory for KES. The band also began raising the bar locally with respect to music videos with the release of the video for STRESS AWAY. The Band released more albums with tracks such as “Precision Wine”, “Stress Away”, Million, “People” and “Coming Over” enjoyed heavy rotation on local radio stations.

Bunjin Garlin, born Ian Antonio Alvarez, entered Trinidad’s competitive carnival arena in 1999 with “Send Them Rhythm Crazy,” his robust delivery more closely aligned to a (Jamaican) dancehall deejay than a soca singer, earning third place in that year’s Ragga Soca contest. His formidable rapid-fire rhyming skills, as honed on subsequent singles “From The Ghetto,” “Warrior Cry,” “Blaze The Fire” and “Fiery,” slew his rivals in carnival’s higher profile Soca Monarch competition (which annually pulls approximately 15,000 patrons) while earning Garlin the commanding designation The Viking of Soca.
Throughout his 16-year recording career Garlin has independently released eight additional albums, usually during the 6-8 week carnival season (roughly January 1-Ash Wednesday) to benefit from the increased airplay, performance and even endorsement opportunities for soca artists during that period.

Occasionally, a soca hit transcends the carnival circuit as “Differentology” has done. Initially released in November 2012 on Sheriff Music in anticipation of Carnival 2013, “Differentology” has gone on to win a 2013 Soul Train Award for Best International Performance, and a Battle of the Beats competition on influential New York hip-hop station Hot 97 (WQHT 97.1 FM), defeating tracks by Eminem and DJ Khaled). The single was also featured in an episode of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy and earned Garlin an enviable slot on Hot 97’s annual Summer Jam’s main stage (alongside 50 Cent, The Roots, Nas and other hip-hop stars) held on June 1, 2014 at New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium; all groundbreaking achievements for a Trinidadian artist.
The Major Lazer remix of “Differentology” and the original are featured on the Differentology album. “Major Lazer started playing (the original) “Differentology” at various festivals and then followed it with their remix, which took it to an entirely different audience; there’s not a price I could ever put on that so I am forever grateful,” stated Garlin who is a featured performer at Major Lazer’s Mad Decent Block Parties throughout the summer. Also included is the original version (and the Doc & Jes Viking remix) of “Carnival Tabanca” the haunting EDM auto-tuned post Carnival 2013 anthem, produced by Sheriff, lamenting the season’s end, a feeling summarized in Trinidadian vernacular as tabanca.

Vintage soca is given a contemporary aural sheen on “All O Dem,” produced by Dwain “Dwaingerous” Antrobus of Bassink Productions. Here Bunji references his 2001 hit “Fete Is Fete” within a song that “musically represents where we come from.” Bunji’s rendition of “Savage,” produced by Jus Now (LAZABeam & Interface) adapts a 21st century sonic identity to a 1976 hit by the late Trinidadian calypsonian Maestro. “I heard stories about how talented Maestro was and when I heard “Savage” it really clicked that his song could live again in a new way,” Garlin explained. “I wanted it on the album because it bridges old and new generations of soca lovers and will introduce a lot of young bloods to Maestro’s music.”

Born in the capital city Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, it seems Kerwin was always destined for success in Calypso and Soca. Kerwin, who started singing in primary school not only took part in the nation’s first Junior Calypso Monarch Competition, but also won the title in the second year. The talented performer rose through the ranks of the calypso world, captured the Young Kings title and even reached the Big Yard for the National Calypso Monarch finals on several occasions. Hailed as a rising star, he delighted all with his melodious voice and thought-provoking lyrics and was selected to represent Trinidad along with other young Calypsonians for a Calypso Youth Exchange programme hosted by the Association of British Calypsonians in the UK, where he settled for a number of years, eventually capturing the UK Calypso Monarch title. In recent years, Du Bois has spread his wings and can no longer be considered simply a calypsonian, having branched out into Soca not only as a performer but also as a highly rated producer and songwriter.

In 2007 he teamed up with one of the most highly rated divas of soca Denise “saucy wow” Belfon, the results the hit song “De rose & de stem,” however one hit wasn’t enough, and the popular “Party Rocker” certainly had the industry buzzing. In 2008 he captured third place with Shal Marshall in the International Soca Monarch competition with the international hit “Gyal Farm,” which he wrote and produced. Things didn’t end there as “Breathless,” another one of his compositions and productions, also took Roy Cape’s Blaxx to the International Soca Monarch finals. It was therefore no surprise when he was nominated for eight (8) International Soca Awards and went on to capture two, the Soca Producer of the Year and Best Groove Collaboration. He was also nominated for 3 COTT awards, Groovy

2011 proved to be a busy but extremely successful year for Du Bois, writing and producing a list of popular hits for the season. Du Bois teamed up with Kees from Kes the Band to write and produce ‘Wotless’. This anthem is Kees’ biggest hit to date. ‘Wotless’ being the biggest Groovy Soca track for the year won the Groovy Soca Monarch; the song has also propelled Kees’ career to higher levels in the Soca arena. In a collaboration with Kees, Kerwin also wrote and produced ‘Ah Ting’. A song that displays intense vibe blended with angelic melodies not taking away from the vibrant pulse & jam of this piece which also brought the dynamic and talented Kerwin Du Bois to the finals of the International Soca Monarch Competition.

The year 2012 has been dubbed by many as the Year of the Bacchanalist… With four major hits, Carnival 2012 was transformed, when the “Runaway Bacchanalist” released: ‘I AM SOCA’ featuring Patrice Roberts, ‘Baddist’ featuring Destra Garcia, ‘Runaway’ featuring Bunji Garlin, ‘Bacchanalist’ and ‘Make Room.                                                    .

Du Bois made it all the way to the finals of the International Soca Monarch, placing second in the Groovy Soca Category. Kerwin Du Bois also went on to win the International Soca Awards in four categories for 2012; Soca Songwriter of the year; ‘I AMSOCA, ‘Baddist’ and ‘Bacchanalist. He later won the Soca Monarch in 2014 with “Too Real”.

When you are able to fuse words together and add a melody in all but 2 minutes, you must be international recording artist Lyrikal. Trinidadian born Devon Martin started singing in the church choir at the age 7, once he realized he could actually sing he began participating in school talent shows and neighborhood block parties. As a youngster his biggest inspirations were Crazy, Shabba Ranks, Buju Banton, Bob Marley and Super Cat their styles of music helped him to develop his own style.

He migrated to the United States at the age of 13, where he got heavily involved in soccer and track and field, but music prevailed and by age 16 he was back at it, performing at block parties and talent shows, it was fun and he loved it, he even opened for the Wutang Clan at Club Wave and Sean Paul at St George, Staten Island.

Devon although very talented only took his music career seriously in the year 2003, where he started to record. His first recording was at Dainjamentalz studio in New York, where he recorded a track entitled tiger bone. Since then he has managed to be a consistent voice on the airwaves worldwide and is now one of the most sought after performing artist. His music has taken him on tour to London, Bermuda, Toronto, Bermuda, North America and the Caribbean.

Lyrikal has built an extensive catalog, and has released several hits. His repertoire consist of over 40 releases including Cloud 9, Loner, Conquer Meh, Locked Down, Part Of Yuh Nature, All Over De Gyal, Ramajay, 25/8, and countless collaborations with leading artistes. He is currently working on his first album.

Gamal Doyle is the unmistakeably energetic soca artiste from St. Vincent & the Grenadines, better known as Skinny Fabulous. This talented and versatile artist demonstrates his quick wit and the capacity to mesmerise the crowd while he is on stage. Always willing to push the boundaries of Caribbean music, Skinny Fabulous has a style that falls somewhere between soca and dancehall.

As a singer/songwriter, Skinny Fabulous approaches every project intuitively and takes on the challenge to deliver potent lyrics over danceable tracks. He started out as a chanter but made the transition to the soca scene almost a decade ago. Always a crowd favourite, there is no mistaking him when you hear the booming baritone voice echoing in dj-style through the sound system with songs like ‘Misbehavin’.

It was in 2008 however, that he made a major impact in the soca arena. The release of “Head Bad” for Vincy Mas that year, led to him winning the St. Vincent Soca Monarch title but this was just the beginning. Since winning the title, Skinny Fabulous has gone on to collaborate with some of the regions top soca acts including Jamesy P, Kevin Lyttle, Bunji Garlin, Fay-Ann Lyons, Peter Ram, Fireman Hooper, Kimberly Inniss and many more. He has toured the region, Venezuela, Columbia, USA, Canada, Germany and England; exciting crowds wherever he goes.

Skinny Fabulous’ success continued in 2009 when he was awarded St. Vincent & the Grenadines’ Entertainer of the Year, was the first runner up in the OECS Soca Monarch competition and adjudged Best New Male Artist at the Soca Music Awards. He was invited to take part in the 2009 International Soca Monarch competition in Trinidad where he placed fifth. However, he received the award for the Best Presentation at that competition. To top it all off, he successfully defended his Vincy soca monarch title with the release of ‘De Beast Leh Go’ and he again secured a spot to compete in the 2010 International Soca Monarch competition.

In preparation for that competition, he released three tunes for Carnival in Trinidad; ‘Summer Body’, ‘Badder Than Everybody’ and a collaboration with Machel Montano called ‘Fetting On’.

Easily inspired Skinny Fabulous is an artist on the look out for new material and when on stage he doesn’t disappoint as he is always ready to deliver a high energy, impactful performance from his repertoire. BOOM!

Upon meeting Stephenson ‘Shal’ Marshall for the first time, persons usually react with “wow he’s got a great personality.” F…rom hanging out with his close friends to delivering commanding performances on big-stages across the globe; Shal’s easy going charismatic persona has been credited for much of his success.

With over 8 active years experience in the entertainment industry, this 29 year-old all rounder has secured many professional titles including: Radio Personality, Television Host, Promoter, Master of Ceremonies and now Soca Artist to name a few. Shal’s career began as a DJ with the Jugglers Sound System where he quickly developed into one of the most prolific DJs in the industry. His passion for music and interacting with people when combined with his unique trademark voice, led to him landing his own radio program on the ever-popular 96.1WEFM radio station where he has been for the last seven years.

During this period, Shal’s diversity became well known when he entered the television arena as host of a carnival program called, The Net; fans were now able to put a face to the voice. As a result of its success, the program was evolved into the weekly hit series ‘Friday Night Live’ on Synergy Tv, where to this day he retains the position of host. As the quest to develop into a household name continues, Shal is now making waves in the Soca arena and is already considered a well respected soca artist who has energized soca fans worldwide. In just a few years he has quickly moved up the ranks and has worked with the likes of the queen of soca herself- Destra Garcia, Canadian based Kerwin Dubois, fellow television host Supperjigga TC, Screws, and Swappi amongst others.


His musical offerings to date include many hit collaborations such as:

  • Love Somebody with Destra Garcia
  • Gal Farm with Kerwin Dubois
  • Bum Bum Ville
  • Police with Screws
  • Defend it – Doh drag d flag
  • 3D Wine with Swappi
  • Trouble
  • Wine yah body
  • Celebrate life with Kevon Carter
  • We Pumping with Umi Marcanao
  • Yeah with Nadia Batson

Crowned the undisputed “Queen of SOCA” by fans worldwide, her powerful, emotional vocals and high-energy live shows are legendary in Caribbean music. Alison’s musical journey has taken her throughout the Caribbean islands and the Diaspora worldwide.

Alison’s first solo album entitled SOCA QUEEN is a diverse selection of Soca tunes with hot pulsating rhythm oriented anthems with a standout song “Roll It Gal” that became an international hit between 2005- 2006 and was released in North America, Europe and the Far East taking Alison’s music to new shores and making new fans all over the world enabling Alison to take her dynamic live show worldwide, touring throughout the U.S., Europe, Canada and the Caribbean.

Alison’s latest album entitled Caribbean Queen delivers her positive message of love and upliftment for one and all and is a celebration created for her fans all over the world. The love she received from Jamaica has spawned new combinations with Richie Spice “King and Queen”, Jah Cure “Call On Me” and Shaggy “Can’t Let My Love Go.” Her classics “Roll It Gal,” “Togetherness,” and “Faluma,” are also included in the album with a mix of high energy to mid tempo as well as the classically soulful ballad “Island Girl.”

When Alison is not performing she takes out time to work as an advocate for causes such as AIDS awareness, Women’s rights, the Diabetes foundation and has participated with them wherever possible as well as organizations for disabled and physically challenged children. Most recently, Alison was named a school ambassador at Christ Church Foundation School in Barbados. On October 2, 2013, Alison was chosen as one of the key influencers in Barbados to participate in top fashion designer, Michael Kors, ‘Watch Hunger Stop” campaign. Alison successfully used her online presence to raise awareness of ‘World Food Day.” On October 20, 2013, Alison took part in the American Cancer Society’s  ‘Making Strides Against Cancer’ Walk,’ in Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York. She also attended ‘Brunch a la mode,’ where Alison was able to network with civic leaders and peers.

Alison Hinds is a vital element on the Caribbean music scene and a major force in the eruption of innovative urban-influenced Caribbean-based music. Alike artists such as fellow-Bajan popstar Rihanna, Sean Paul, and Shaggy, who are changing the face of music worldwide. Alison leaves an indelible footprint on the Caribbean music scene.

Aaron “Voice” St Louis, born December 26th, 1992, is a singer/songwriter from the city of San Juan in
Trinidad and Tobago. Aaron started his musical journey at the age of 16 and has amassed various titles
in his short career. His first big break came in the form of the Synergy Soca Star competition, in which he
placed second with the crowd favourite song “Alien.” He wasted no time in building on that success.
He joined the writing group Full Blown Entertainment, where he wrote and co-wrote four consecutive
Soca Monarch winning songs, quickly establishing himself as one of the best writers in the industry.
Again, driven by his passion for success, he decided to take part in the International Soca Monarch
competition as a performer in 2016. He went on to win the competition and in so doing became the
youngest ever International Soca Monarch King. This title only served to fuel his ambition.

Aaron followed up his self-written, title-winning song “Cheers to Life” with another smash hit “Get
Away” which featured the world famous EDM group Bad Royale from California. This song certainly
showed Aaron’s versatility. Get Away turned out to be a hit and now has 2.5 million views on YouTube.
Following this song and in preparation for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2017, Aaron released yet
another hit song called “Far from Finished.” In 2 months, this song gained over 1 million views on

Aaron decided to defend his International Soca Monarch title, performing his new runaway hit. This
proved to be a historic night as he joined the ranks of greats like Superblue, Ronnie McIntosh, Bunji
Garlin, Iwer George and Machel Montano as the only people to ever win back to back International Soca
Monarch titles.
As the 2018 Carnival season approached Voice would, almost instinctively, deliver yet another crowd
favourite when he collaborated with Marge Blackman on the song “Full of Vibe.” This song would go on
to amass over 4 million views on YouTube. Refusing to rest on his laurels having one hit song, he would
follow up one month later with what turned out to be the unofficial theme song for 2018, “Year for
Love.” In addition to being viewed on YouTube over 3 million times, this song was selected as his tune of
choice to enter both the Soca Monarch and Calypso Monarch competitions. He would go on to win Soca
Monarch for the 3rd consecutive year and in his first attempt, claim 2nd prize in the Calypso Monarch

Aaron continues to create history and is well on his way to becoming a global superstar yet he maintains
the same humble demeanour. In his words, “I just want to make music that people can relate to and
love to sing.” He’s achieved his goal so far and all signs indicate he will continue to do just that!

Born on the island of Antigua on July 31, 1985, Ricardo Drue has become one of the most passionate breakout artists in the Soca Industry. After moving to Cocoyea San Fernando, Trinidad & Tobago at the age of 4, and growing up in a musical family, Ricardo realized at a young age that music was his passion. After being influenced heavily by Soca, Reggae, R&B and Hip Hop all his life, Ricardo became the lead singer of Crossovah, a dance and vocal quartet in 2006. Crossovah became known internationally after being the opening act for recording artists; Jeffery Osborne, Fat Joe, Sean Kingston, Red Rat, TOK, Patrice Roberts, Allison Hinds, Destra, Machel Montano and many more. Ricardo broke away from Crossovah in 2010 to focus on a solo career. Between 2010 and 2014 Ricardo garnered many musical achievements. In 2011 he became the co-lead singer of the Roy Cape All Stars band in Trinidad and Tobago. In 2012 became a brand ambassador for Digicel Antigua & Barbuda. The year 2013 saw the release of his first studio album; Dreams of My Reality with the breakthrough single Dreaming. In 2014, Ricardo released his second album My Time, the city of Boston dubbed June 21, 2014 “Ricardo Drue Day”, became the Power Soca Monarch of Antigua and Barbuda and launched his mega hit Vagabond onto the world. Vagabond gained quick popularity and became Ricardo’s first international hit catapulting him into a successful 2015. The year 2015 has been Ricardo’s breakthrough year. He entered Trinidad & Tobago’s International Groovy Soca Monarch competition where he placed 2nd Runner Up with Vagabond, won Music Video of the year at the 2015 International Soca Awards, won breakthrough artist of the year at the COTT Awards and defended his crown as Antigua & Barbuda’s Power Soca Monarch and released the singles; No Shame, Rider, Winner and Bet. Ricardo is once again seeing international success with his groovy release Professional which has a mass following in Antigua, Barbados, Canada, North and South America. His single Bet has been gaining momentum in the later months of 2015. You can bet that Ricardo Drue will continue to release new music for his fans AKA the members of ID Nation to groove and dance to for years to come.

Marcus “Lavaman” James has been singing since he was born and has been a part of Fullmoon Entertainment since its conception in 2002. His music is quite versatile especially in Soca and Dancehall genres. Lava ( as he is affectionally known) is a multitalented individual who sings, writes, MCs, Djs and has made a name for himself in Grenada with this versatility. Over the past 5 years he has performed at various mega events with some of most known artistes in the Caribbean such as: Bunji Garlin, Machel Mantano, KMC, Isaac Blackman, Iwer George, Rupee, Lil Rick, Fireman Hooper ec. Dancehall/Reggae: Jah Cure, Sizzla Ninja Man, Beenie Man, Merciless, Ishasha, Movado, Baby Sham, Elephant Man, Busy Signal etc.

Lavaman  has numerous titles under his belt such as: 2nd Place in Village Soca Monarch 2010, 2011 Beach Fest, Jab Fest 2011, People’s soca monarch 2nd place (2011) Grenada Road March Winner (2011) Grenada Soca Monarch Winner (2012). His repertoire also consists of: Not Inna Good Condition, Man to a woman, Carnival without woman, Throw dem up ft. Eggies, Playing ah mas ft. Bonilus, Cry of a hurricane ft. Kamree Position, Horn, Behave Yuhself , Ah Cyan Hear Jab doh Care – 2011 Some ah Everything- 2011, Fan Fan – 2011, So we Dey – 2011,- Road March, Gyul Alone 2012, Psycho 2012 – Soca, Monarch / People Choice. One of his recent hits is the crowd favorite “Cukus Bag”

Patrice Roberts…The Songstress of Uniqueness

It was in 2005 when the world heard her voice alongside that of Bunji Garlin. … Speedily the question of who she was circled the Caribbean entertainment industry, with only a few being able to provide an accurate answer. It was her refreshingly soothing and powerful vocals that quickly got her the attention that many established entertainers would have desired years before her name popped up. Now, fondly referred to by her close friends and family as Patsy, Patrice Roberts has assumed her position in the Caribbean music industry as a force to be reckoned with.

Prior to her collaboration with Bunji Garlin and her alliance with Machel Montano and HD Patrice had numerous Calypso accolades under her belt. How was she able to move from her Calypso days to current day Patrice? Who created “this” Patrice Roberts? The answer – “Kernal Roberts created Patrice Roberts” said Patrice. She explained how this occurrence took place “Dan Nero and George Stanisclaus were moulding my career in calypso and Kernal was with Traffik at that time…they approached Kernal to write a song that would introduce me to the Soca world” shared Patsy. “The Islands” was birthed by Kernal, “He teamed me up with Bunji and we created a hit that was accepted by the masses.” From then Kernal Roberts, son of legendary Calypsonian Kitchener became her biggest supporter and; everywhere he went he took Patrice with him.

One of her greatest achievements soon followed, Roberts was named the youngest female Road March winner for her collaboration with Machel Montano titled “Band Of The Year”. This achievement would solidify her existence in the Soca world and prove to critics that she was more talent than they expected. She continued to motivate herself; working on her craft to meet the industry standards as well as the standards of her band mates; “To match the standards was hard…I was intimidated, I faced periods of frustration but I pushed myself until I got the hang of it” she admitted.

To date Roberts has been recognized for some of her hit singles namely, “A Little Wine”, “Bruk Out”, “I am Soca”, “Tempa Wine”, “Sugar Boy”, “Wukkin Up”, “Rollin” and “Single to Mingle”. She has collaborated with talents such as Kerwin Du Bois, Swappi, Tian Winter, Macka Diamond, Zan among others. Roberts lists some of her influences to be Machel Montano, Kernal Roberts, Elizabeth Montano, Lady B, Verline Bobb, Dwain Antrobous, Danbers Nero, George Stanisclaus and Shawn “Roots” Mitchell.

Neil ‘ D’ Boss Iwer’ George is one of Trinidad’s cultural icons who has consistently released hits from the beginning of his early career in 1987. Iwer George’s name is synonymous with the Carnival season.

Some of his most popular songs include: Yes Iwer, Jump and Dunk, Ah Reading, Carnival Come Back Again, Gimme Ah Bligh, We Reach and Come to Meh, No Pain Bubble, anmd most recently Take ah Bathe.

Today he remains one of the industry’s greatest soca artists largely for his style of singing, his hype and his ability to generate overwhelming crowd response.

Iwer George has influenced the industry with his music and has elevated it by launching a radio station Soca City 91.9FM which promotes local music and culture. His most recent business venture is the Coral Vision, his very own cruise boat available for rental as a luxurious venue to host parties and events.



Teddyson John known as Teddy or TJ to his friends and family, has been wowing audiences since, “before his feet could even touch the peddles of the drum set”. Teddyson admits that neither his mother nor father is musically inclined yet he and his two brothers, “seemed to have gotten it from somewhere”. His brothers, Francis John is the founder of the band, Blue Mango and Hervin John has his own band on the cruise ship line, Royal Caribbean. Teddyson’s first recording was a song called ‘Sweeter’. We know you’re thinking ‘it must have been a soca’, but believe it or not, it is a gospel song as Teddyson actually started off singing and performing in church. This song was recorded at the legendary Den Studio. He is no stranger to the stage! His performing experience however stems from his school days when he attended Sir Ira Simmons Secondary School, participating in events such as Mr. & Ms. Teen Talent and Mr. & Ms. Valentine. It is those early performances that paved the way for him to shine bright at the Groovy Soca Monarch and Power Soca Monarch competitions leading him to have won the crown twice of the four times he has entered since 2007. There are two sides to Teddyson, a Soca side and a Jazz side. This diversity has allowed himto perform all over the world, including Miami, New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, Barbados, Martinique, Cayenne, Paris and of course his home, Saint Lucia. Teddyson has also performed with world famous artiste Patti LaBelle and the likes of James Ingram, Bebe Winans, and Brick & Lace. He has also been afforded the opportunity to open for Destra and Machel Montano

Teddyson John known as Teddy or TJ to his friends and family, has been wowing audiences since, “before his feet could even touch the peddles of the drum set”. Teddyson admits that neither his mother nor father is musically inclined yet he and his two brothers, “seemed to have gotten it from somewhere”. His brothers, Francis John is the founder of the band, Blue Mango and Hervin John has his own band on the cruise ship line, Royal Caribbean. Teddyson’s first recording was a song called ‘Sweeter’. We know you’re thinking ‘it must have been a soca’, but believe it or not, it is a gospel song as Teddyson actually started off singing and performing in church. This song was recorded at the legendary Den Studio. He is no stranger to the stage! His performing experience however stems from his school days when he attended Sir Ira Simmons Secondary School, participating in events such as Mr. & Ms. Teen Talent and Mr. & Ms. Valentine. It is those early performances that paved the way for him to shine bright at the Groovy Soca Monarch and Power Soca Monarch competitions leading him to have won the crown twice of the four times he has entered since 2007. There are two sides to Teddyson, a Soca side and a Jazz side. This diversity has allowed himto perform all over the world, including Miami, New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, Barbados, Martinique, Cayenne, Paris and of course his home, Saint Lucia. Teddyson has also performed with world famous artiste Patti LaBelle and the likes of James Ingram, Bebe Winans, and Brick & Lace. He has also been afforded the opportunity to open for Destra and Machel Montano

After 25 years at the right hand of Machel Montano and Xtatik, Darryl Henry a.k.a Farmer Nappy has embarked on a new venture to develop his solo career. This venture began in mid May 2007, when he traveled to Barbados to work with the award winning producers, De Red Boyz (Mikey ‘Red Dawg’ Hulsmeier & Scott Galt). Nappy offers heartfelt gratitude to Frank Coppin a.k.a Foreigner Frank for sealing the deal and uniting him with De Red Boyz to produce the first song of his solo career. De Red Boyz have also produced Biggie Irie’s ‘Nah Goin’ Home’, which won the Groovy Soca Monarch in Trinidad 2007, and Peter Ram’s popular “Woman By My Side”.

Nappy arrived in Barbados on May 18, 2007 with lyrics in hand and a studio date and time set. Thus, Chippin’ (With Me Own Woman) was born. After being conceived in Trinidad and delivered in Barbados, Chippin’ is currently one of the most popular songs on De Red Boyz “Soca Bonfire” Album. Crop Over 2007 was the launching pad for Farmer Nappy as a solo artiste, and it proved to be a successful endeavor. Farmer Nappy’s warm personality off-stage and entertaining performances on-stage won the hearts of many Bajans. Nappy feels an automatic connection to Barbados and refers to ‘the gem of the Caribbean sea’ as his second home. Look out for the Chippin’ Music Video coming soon. The video was filmed and produced by Andrew Hulsmeier of Video & Photo Images and Directed by Suzie Cheeseman.

In the past, Farmer Nappy has proven to be an artiste worthy of national recognition as an instrumentalist and songwriter with the band Xtatik. His brotherly bond with lead singer Machel Montano goes way back to the inception of Pranasonic Express. At the age of seven, Nappy embarked on his musical journey by playing percussion in the young band that later came to be known as the big band Xtatik. As the band evolved, Nappy emerged as an award winning, multi-talented song writer. On the 1997 Xtatic album Big Truck, he wrote and co-wrote recognizable hits ‘Big Truck’, ‘Music Farm’, ‘Tayee Ayee’, ‘Crowded’, and ‘No Carnival’. Nappy won the award for “Best Song Writer” in 1998 for “Footsteps”, which was “Road March of the Year”, on the album “Toro Toro”. The song was also awarded “Best Song of the Year”. He co-wrote ‘Vendors’, ‘Pump the Iron’, and ‘Working Dog’ all on the same album. In 1999, Nappy co-wrote ‘UFO’ with Machel, Beenie Man and Darryl Eugene. He co-wrote ‘Big Phat Fish’ and co-produced ‘Low Riders’.

In 2000, Nappy co-produced and co-wrote the tremendously popular ‘Water Flowing’.‘Last Singer’ produced by Sir Oungku of Red Hot Flames took Nappy all the way to the finals of the 2001 Soca Monarch. In 2002, Nappy featured in his first music video ‘Junkyard’. In 2003, he wrote ‘Dancing’, produced by his Xtatik room-mate Dwain ‘Dwaingerous’ Antrobus. That same year, he co-wrote‘Granny’.

Marcus “Lavaman” James has been singing since he was born and has been a part of Fullmoon Entertainment since its conception in 2002. His music is quite versatile especially in Soca and Dancehall genres. Lava ( as he is affectionally known) is a multitalented individual who sings, writes, MCs, Djs and has made a name for himself in Grenada with this versatility. Over the past 5 years he has performed at various mega events with some of most known artistes in the Caribbean such as: Bunji Garlin, Machel Mantano, KMC, Isaac Blackman, Iwer George, Rupee, Lil Rick, Fireman Hooper ec. Dancehall/Reggae: Jah Cure, Sizzla Ninja Man, Beenie Man, Merciless, Ishasha, Movado, Baby Sham, Elephant Man, Busy Signal etc.

Lavaman  has numerous titles under his belt such as: 2nd Place in Village Soca Monarch 2010, 2011 Beach Fest, Jab Fest 2011, People’s soca monarch 2nd place (2011) Grenada Road March Winner (2011) Grenada Soca Monarch Winner (2012). His repertoire also consists of: Not Inna Good Condition, Man to a woman, Carnival without woman, Throw dem up ft. Eggies, Playing ah mas ft. Bonilus, Cry of a hurricane ft. Kamree Position, Horn, Behave Yuhself , Ah Cyan Hear Jab doh Care – 2011 Some ah Everything- 2011, Fan Fan – 2011, So we Dey – 2011,- Road March, Gyul Alone 2012, Psycho 2012 – Soca, Monarch / People Choice. One of his recent hits is the crowd favorite “Cukus Bag”

Ravi B (birth name Ravi Bissambhar) was born on October 27, 1982 in Trinidad. He started singing at the age of 13. He attended the Sangre Grande Hindu School, North Eastern College, University of the West Indies and he was attempting to complete his degree in Business Administration (A.B.E.).

He is the lead male vocalist, music director, producer and arranger for the Caribbean fused music band Karma. He is also a presenter with Trinidad and Tobago’s East Indian radio station, 90.5fm. The Karma band is made up of Jeewanlal Bissambhar, Nisha Bissambhar, Ravi Bissambhar, Anil Bissambhar, Rajesh Ganess, Hemraj Rattan, Daryl Valentine, and Gregory Ayuen, Sheraz Ali, Andy Muregan, Ronnie Ramdass and Adesh Muregan.

Since its inauguration Karma has produced six albums, Evolution, A.B.C., Party Mix, Secret 48, Karma Mangalam, Destiny and Karmasutra. Karma is working on their 7th and 8th albums, Destiny 2 and Band Ah D Year, a party mix. They are supported by the River Night Club of New York, Club Tobago New York, and Mingles New York. Karma has also launched their new studio, Karma productions. Karma has represented Trinidad several times. Andy Singh was released from Karma

Some of his achievements includes performing alongside Nitin Mukesh in 1996, Shah Rukh Khan in 1999, forming Karma in 2002 together with his father Jeewanlal, brother Anil, and sister Nisha Bissambhar, joining 90.5 FM in 2002, playing music for Kumar Sanu at the 90.5 FM cook out competition in 2004, the 3rd of December 2005 where he was chosen to open the Bollywood Music Awards, the Bollywood Movie Awards 2006, received Best Sounding Band at Unifest 2006 in Miami and now getting prepared for the Annual Fathers Day Spectacular. It will be his first concert ever and he guarantees to deliver. He was and still is the youngest music producer/director/arranger in the chutney soca industry. Also, he was the youngest producer to produce ten albums in 6 years.

Ravi Bissambhar received an award from the NY state assembly in designation for special honor in international music and culture. Ravi won three awards at the Hall of Fame. Ravi Bissambhar was also voted the Best New Artist in the year 2003 and he received the award for the Best Bhajan album in 2005. Karma and Ravi Bissambhar is now sponsored by Stag beer. Ravi B’s bhajan cd Karma Mangalam won the Hall of Fame Award for Best Bhajan Album 2005. Ravi Bissambhar is the Chuntney Soca Monarch Winner 2010.

If the Bissambhars are the royal family of Chutney Soca in T&T, Nisha B is certainly its crown princess. This stunning young woman is a founding member of the insanely popular Chutney band, Karma, which also includes brothers Ravi B and Anil. The 10-member band recently nabbed the title of Best Chutney Soca Band at both the Napa Chutney Soca Awards and the International Soca Awards. They also lay claim to 14 other titles, including Best International Male and Female Chutney Soca artistes. Understandably, this is their high season, with gigs every weekend and practice sessions in between. So we were grateful that the ‘B’ siblings were able to spare us enough time for a quick interview. The lead and solo female vocalist for Karma, Nisha B is living her life’s passion in a way most young girls only dream of. Since her career blasted into the stratosphere in 1999 with her debut release, The Scorpion, her name has become instantly recognizable in music circles, not just in Trinidad but throughout the East Indian Diaspora.

This creative and versatile artiste is credited with creating one of the freshest and most surprising genres to come out of the Caribbean: Dancehall Chutney. She unleashed the unexpected combo on the world in 2008, when she teamed up with Jamaican superstar, Beenie Man. Music fusion lovers can look forward to more of same: “This year I’m working with Jamaican Reggae Artiste Busy Signal on a remix called Lying Man.” But Bissambhar’s whole life isn’t confined to the stage. “Alongside my singing career, she also hosts Chutney Island on Synergy TV, and Ravi and I co-host The Night Life on Radio 90.5 FM.” Music lovers tune in not only for the hot classics and slamming new releases, but also for an eyeful of this elegant, stylish beauty.

Speaking of beauty, Nisha is blessed with good looks and riveting moves onstage. “Our fans give us a lot of respect. Especially as a woman, I’m amazed at how fans can be daring without being disrespectful.” Nevertheless, any hopes they have of hooking up with the superstar remain just that. “I am spoken for!” she says firmly. And furthermore, her fiancé is not only fixing to be her life partner, but he’s her business partner as well. She fills the role of executive manager and owner of one of his businesses, the Hi Style Lounge & Bar in St Helena. Karma is a family business, and family is close to her heart. “I have a very close relationship with my family,” she says with a glow. “My mother is my everything. She is the hand that holds us together.” Having two brothers in the same business, always there to help, advise, or even watch your back, is a priceless plus as well.

Fauzi Adam Elias, better known as King Bubba FM is a Barbadian soca producer, composer, DJ, artist and performer. King Bubba FM is best known for hits like
Mashup, Whole Night, Tequila, Partyak, Monster Winer, We Want Drinks, Who Drinking Rum and the Primetime Carbon Copy and Popso Riddims,

King Bubba FM began his musical journey at the age of 14, coming from a family of musicians and music enthusiasts. He started his musical journey as a DJ, transitioning into a producer and artist and most recently placed 2nd in both the Party Monarch & Roadmarch 2015 competitions with his smash hit Mashup (When ah Touchdown).

Among his many accolades as a DJ and artist, King Bubba FM has produced and written alongside artists like Beenie Man, Bunji Garlin, Machel Montano, Skinny Fabulous, Lil Rick, Peter Ram, Kerwin Dubois, Leadpipe & Saddis, Denise Belfon , Destra, Patrice Roberts, Problem Child, Gorg, Big Red, Blaxx, Erphan Alves, Sekon Sta, Alison Hinds, Jah Cure, Konshens, Ravi B, Dr Evil, Shal Marshal, Lava Man, Verseewild and many more.

Akil “5 Star” Borneo has always been influenced by music’s creative and technical elements.
Originally from St James, his father, a pannist, etched the art form into his psyche from an early age exposing the 6 year old to the national instrument. From that age on Borneo loved music, he tinkered and deconstructed musical apparatus and the work of artists, to understand the fundamentals and origins of that which enraptured him. He modeled his own career developing his own style by critically assessing and building on the foundation created by others in the music and entertainment fora.
He consistently made advancements juggling two jobs originally first focusing most of his free time on his engagement with the Associate Degree Sound System and their performances at the country’s top two nightclubs during that era. This continued for twelve years and formalized his path/journey into the entertainment world with the sobriquet “5 Star.” He eventually seized the chance and pursued his passion full time in 1998. 5 Star Akil became a mainstream soca artist in 2013 with the release of his hit song “Partier”



Asa Bantan (Asa Edwards) is a Bouyon artist who hails from the cultural capital of Grandbay Dominica. As a youth, he was a popular vibrant person, being involved in many extra curricula activities.

His music career started in 2000, however he only began to make headway in 2010 in the French Antilles, Dutch St. Maarten and Dominica. He debuted on the World Creole Music Festival Stage in 2012 and has been a staple artist on the festival ever since. His hit song “Wet Fete” with the lyrics “How can you come to a Wet Fete and don’t expect to get wet” has travelled the world over gaining him the undisputed title of The Wet Fete King.   “I never gave up”, he said “that’s why with determination I finally opened doors.” Music is his heart, mind and soul and his insightful lyrics and infectious rhythms have captivated many, both young and old.

Asa has traveled extensively around the world including sold out events in London, Amsterdam, France, Houston, Miami, New York, St. Maarten, BVI and the USVI. He is currently working with young up-and-coming Bouyon artists to ensure the continuity of the genre.

Since the late ‘90s, Hypasounds has been one of the most popular underground DJs in Barbados, hyping crowds at parties, fetes and anyplace else turntables or CD players could be found. During a brief DJ-ing stint in the US in late 2K3, he was lucky enough find himself side-by-side with Free, former BET/106&Park host, introducing the number 8 video. Rapidly building a growing fan base with his reputation for quality turntabling skills, Hypasounds was identified as ‘The Nexx’ in CiRCUIT Magazine, Barbados’ leading youth culture magazine. Seems like CiRCUIT’s predictions are coming through. When Hypasounds made his first BAJE appearance at 2K5’s Christmas Night Fete at Kendal Sporting Club, he proceeded to get the crowd rocking, flinging tunes left, right and centre, effectively getting the party started. It was a DJ performance that had BAJE patrons buzzing for weeks to come. During Crop-Over 2K6, Hypasounds created a stir, not only as a DJ, but as a performer. Hypasounds’ 2K6 release Sunshine Girl emerged as a season favourite, burning up the airwaves. The ragga-soca track which is dedicated to the fairer sex debuted at the number 4 position on Hott 95.3 FM’s Hott in the Crop charts. It later jumped three positions to capture the top position. Sunshine Girl also broke into the Socaholic Top 20 on 98.1 The One, and ended up taking second place in the People’s Monarch that same year. The popularity of Sunshine Girl outside of Barbados saw Hypasounds performing his hit in New York and Boston. This year, Hypasounds has returned with Sweat, another ragga-soca number which is turning out to be as popular as Sunshine Girl. Sweat’s slow-groove, wine-ya-waist stylings have made the track one of the most requested items for the season. Sweat has broken into the top 3 position on the charts of both Hott 95.3 FM and 98.1 The One. Hypasounds has performed his track at this season’s hypest events and locations, including Soca on the Hill.

NICHOLAS JOEL SEALY, better known to many in and outside the music industry as ‘Fadda Fox’ was born and surrounded by a close-knit community – Constant Land in the parish of St. George. His early childhood education began at the St. George Primary School where his innate love for music in all its forms was realized. At the tender age of 6, this love motivated him to join the school’s orchestra band. In doing so, he channeled this musical talent to that of the drums. This afforded Nicholas the opportunity to display his talent and love for both music and his school at various school concerts. During his tenure at his Primary School, he was able to join the band as they competed at the National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA).
His skill and dedication did not go unnoticed as he later became a member of the infamous group, Barbados’ one and only Monstapiece Entertainment Inc. He has continued to MC along with the founder of the group, Peter Coppin.

Under the management of Monstapiece Entertainment Inc., he was able to have produced by Peter Coppin, two (2) hits under the alias ‘Fadda Fox’. Nicholas continues to surprise us with his versatility as he moves from talking into the microphone, to singing. He released two (2) Soca tracks for the 2009 Crop-Over season namely – Staggerah and Drinks. These have also been heavily rotated on airwaves and in the night clubs. Due to high demand, Fox performed at several popular fetes for the 2009 season, some of which were, Wet Fete, Berger Boys’ 10-10; Wadadah’s Back to School Fete, Baje Int’l J’ouvert Party, Brewster’s Road 24hr Fete, Power X Four Glow Fete and Cohoblopot. He was also heard and seen on two (2) party trucks on Kadooment Day: Baje Int’l and Power X Four where he again was able to infuse the crowd, this time with his singing voice thereby contributing to the pulsating rhythms and their overall enjoyment on the road at the culmination of the Crop Over festival. Outside the Crop-Over festival he performed at major shows in the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago including Brass Fest as well as Toronto’s Fire Fete.

His hit Staggerah continued to make waves in the local, regional and international scene. It was remixed featuring another regional artist Skinny Fabulous. This was staggering success for Fox as it made the music charts in countries whose culture does not lend to Soca affiliation or having the English language as their native tongue. In 2012 Fox released five (5) Soca tracks, four (4) of which were produced by Peter Coppin of Monstapiece Studios and one (1) by Michael B-Roca Holder at Cottage Studios. Some regional and international countries Adopted two of this year’s tracks- Making Love a more mellow R&B side of Fox and his J’ouvert track entitled Paint Featuring BOBO as they were frequently being played on airwaves abroad. He again performed his most popular hits to date at several Crop Over Events for the season. Showcasing his talent and versatility he would perform, and later MC (at the same event) while his selector entertains the crowd with their selections. Fox’s biggest hit to date is the mega tune ‘Duckin.’

My name is Omar Mcquilkin also known as ‘Marz Ville’. I am thirty-two years of age and am no stranger to the music industry with just over 17 years under my belt. I like to think of myself as a versatile, multi-talented individual, a young yet experienced entertainer who is big on principle and discipline.

I first entered the field as a contestant in the popular Richard Stoute Teen Talent Competition in Barbados, when I was 15 years old and won my preliminary and went to finals where I did very well. I developed a passion for soca music so I decided to enter the Junior Monarch Competition in 2000 and placed third with a song called ‘Final Countdown’. I continued to build on this momentum and took it a step further and tried my luck for the first time at the Party Monarch Competition where I went to finals with the popular song ‘My Boo’ which received a huge positive response. It won Best Male Music Video and landed a nomination for Best Male Ragga Soca at the 2007 Barbados Music Awards and also took fifth place at the Party Monarch Finals in 2006. I continued over the years to release several songs in a number on genres including Bashment Soca.

In 2016, Bashment Soca made an upward turn, with Barbados hosting the first ever inaugural Bashment Soca Competition where I was selected for the finals with the now internationally known hit song ‘Bang Bim’ on the ‘One O’clock Riddim’ produced by DJ Spider. It was then to no surprise that I placed third in Road March 2016 with that song. The video for ‘Bang Bim’ currently sits at over 5,700,000 views and climbing. One of the greatest things for me is to be among the artists considered for a Grammy Nomination on the One O’Clock Riddim Album. This was submitted through VPAL which is the distributor. The submission would have come about through the success of ‘Bang Bim’ which carried amazing airplay in the wider world. ‘BangBim’ was the first Bashment Soca song to make it into the semifinals of International Soca Monarch and it was truly an honor to be on the big stage with some of the most prominent names in soca. This song has truly been embraced.

In 2017, I was blessed with two mega hit songs; ‘Gas It Up’ on DJ Spider’s rhythm ‘Whistle and Drums’ and ‘Give It To Ya’ produced by Superlynks and Hardware, which are taking the world by storm. The groovy sweet soca song, ‘Give It To Ya’, has won the hearts of the people and continues to do so in every part of the world, from Barbados to London to Germany and so on. It continues to grow on You Tube steadily with over 3,300,000 views. The success of these two songs, captured me fourth place in the 2017 Sweet Soca, Soca Royale Competition, second place in Road March Fore Day Morning Carnival, third place in Kadooment Road March and second place in Peoples Monarch, all within the Barbados Crop Over 2017 Season. I made it to the finals of the 2018 International Soca Monarch being the only artiste from Barbados to make it to finals this year. This was a huge accomplishment for me personally and professionally. The response to this song has been truly phenomenal.

My heart is truly grateful to have been afforded the opportunity to represent my country Barbados, regionally and in places such as Canada and London. I believe that coming from a family of musicians, would have been my foundation in music. My grandfather, Charles Odel from the popular Spouge Group, ‘The Opels’, was a huge influence on my musical career. Outside of my music, I am also a proud father of five beautiful children and enjoy spending quality time with them.

I have greater expectations of myself and want to take the world by storm with my music. I want to take soca to another level. I want it played where it is unknown and played throughout the world. I want the name ‘Marz Ville’ to be known in every household worldwide. When soca is heard internationally, the Caribbean must be at the forefront of a person’s mind.  

Hollice Mapp aka Mr Killa is a Grenadian soca artist who unabashedly expresses his affection for curvy women. His infectious hit song “Rolly Polly” put Mr Killa on the map in 2014 and since then he has blazed every stage he has performed on. Mr Killa started out as a dancehall act at the age of 10 and won Grenada’s Teen Talent Search Competition at the age of 15. Watch out for Mr Killa on USC 2018, he promises to bring an action packed performance. Curvy ladies – be forewarned!

At 23 years of age, Lashley Wendel Winter more affectionately known as ‘Motto’ to the soca world is a young, but multitalented name in the industry right now. Hailing from the Helen of the West, the vibrant, new aged soca artist has been dominating from 2014, hitting the airwaves with hit singles and major riddim albums.  Born and raised in the south of St. Lucia, Motto is not ashamed to let people know he is from the community of Grace, Vieux Fort. Motto attended Babywins infant school, then Plain View Primary and finally Vieux Fort Secondary before moving to New York to further his education.

Motto’s involvement in music began around 2009 when he produced beats under the name “Fox Productions” for underground artists in St. Lucia, which would at that time become very popular on the island and even the Diaspora. His early days as a producer would assist a number of these artists in becoming recognized as local entertainers. From the background Motto would assist in the productions of local hits as early as “Shak Shak” by Cookie, “One Drop Talon” by Dub Master J, “Pork Sause” by Soca Bandit to new day tracks such as “Piwat” by mata & Miigos, “Push Back For Me” by Blackboy, “Haydi” by Ezra, “The People Man (TPM)” by Kisha & Mata. Motto also works closely with local artist such as, Mighty and Subance, Freezy, Messi, DBoy and Mac 11, the list would go on and on, he is the king of local productions.

He would continue relentlessly, sometimes voice a song or two on his own riddims. It would be an international collab on a local hit riddim released in 2014, originally titled the “Tanbou Nou Riddim” that would change the ‘Local Performer/Producer’ status, to an international one.

Motto’s active part on the local music scene would not only ensure an international audience, but would also foster the birth of a genre. Winter’s early days in the music scene was part of a movement which would then morph into what’s now internationally known as the Dennery Segment or Lucian Kuduro.

‘Bend Dong’ as a single would do well in St. Lucia and the diaspora. Motto’s entrepreneurial skills would, in 2016 earn him a remix to the mega hit ‘Bend Dong’, and a hit that would not only change his life, but put the ‘Dennery Segment/Lucian Kuduro’ movement on the map and finally cause a international attraction to St Lucia and St Lucia soca music .
Using that moment, the young entrepreneur would not only land another major remix of one of his local hits ‘Forcé aka Force it’, but would also garner the attention of Trinidad’s soca stars Patrice Roberts and Shal Marshall who would join other artists like Lava Man, Hypa 4000, Problem Child and Mr. Legz on Motto’s 2017 repackaged album called the “Force It Riddim” who made a massive impact in carnival’s around the world and changing soca music forever with the new Lucian sound.

Winter had no intention of losing momentum after that. His collabs would further attract the attention of soca guru’s Machel Montano, Fay Ann Lyons, Skinny Fabulous & Bunji Garlin, who would engage the young producer and jump on his 2017/2018 hits ‘Pim Pim’ and ‘Gwada’ Riddims. Motto producing for these well-known names would help excel him further as an artist as well, producing hit songs on those same riddims, namely “Party Lit” ft. Lyrikal from Trinidad and “Shell Dong Dat” ft. Fadda Fox out of Barbados. His third hit 2017/2018 single would come off as a collab titled “Take Jamm” ft Shal Marshall, Hypa 4000 on the Soca Panda Riddim by Ransum Recordz out of St Lucia. Under the new company name ‘Team Foxx Music’, Motto would proceed under Ruby Jemm Entertainment’s management on a 2018 Trinidad Carnival promo tour, alongside the soca king Machel Montano and his team, helping Motto hit most of the major events during the carnival season, performing, entertaining and gaining thousands of fans along the way.

Motto’s success has taken him round the US, Canada, England,the Caribbean and for the first time this year, he is set to touch European countries like Ibiza in Spain and Berlin, Germany, performing his list of hits as his fan base continues to grow rapidly.

Ronny Boyce “Pternsky” is a talented, versatile award winning singer /songwriter from Morvant, Trinidad and Tobago. Pternsky has written over 700 songs and worked with many soca and dancehall/reggae reproducers and artists around the world. Pternsky is an independent artiste whose versatility across various music genres makes him a crowd favorite. He was a finalist in the International Soca Monarch Competition a few years ago and is focused on taking his music to the next. Pternsky is sure to set the stage on fire with hits like “Non Stop”, “Enjoy Yourself” and many more.

Soca has scored itself a crown prince with the rise of talented singer/songwriter/performer Marvay. Born in the sunny Caribbean isle of Barbados, Damian Marvay has quickly secured his place in the spotlight as a powerful vocalist and prolific lyricist, and has already amassed a large following internationally, while earning the love and respect of his country, and indeed soca lovers globally. Marvay has been dubbed as the “full package”. He’s got the talent, personality and charisma and has lent his vocals as background to several artistes, among them, Bunji Garlin, Rupee, Fadda Fox and Farmer Nappy. His catalogue of hit tunes include “Know the Face”, “Antidote”, “No Tomorrow”, “Adrenaline Rush”, “Stars Align”, “Survive The Weekend”.

Nesta Boxill also known as Sekon Sta, has become one of the most promising and multidimensional talents in the Soca Fraternity, boasting great contributions as a writer, performer and recording artist. Son to the deceased veteran artiste, Dennis Franklyn Williams; “Merchant”, Sekon Sta not only has the dedication to the arts but a greater appreciation for the culture, having had a front seat to its inner workings from a very young age.  Since his younger years, Sekon Sta believed in the continued development of the art form. It has always been his wish for the spirit of Carnival to be present throughout the year and it is this burning ideology that has fueled his passion.

2014, though, was arguably his break-through year in terms of widespread recognition. Following on from his Crop Over 2014 hit on the June Bomb Riddim entitled “Put in that Work,” his momentum continued into the T&T pre-Carnival 2015 season with him performing  “The Best” on the mega hit Kan Kan Riddim,  and producing his single, “Maximum.”

These include performances on the Set Good, Gold Medal and Festival868 Riddims as well as a singles such as “Champagne & Soca”, “Drink Anthem” and his mega hit “Magic” in collaboration with Nadia Batson.  One of Sekon Sta’s greatest characteristics is his ability to tailor his performance to the crowd. This is a major reason that he was awarded the Carib Breakout Artiste of the Year 2015 and was a Finalist at the 2016 International Soca Monarch. 2017 has brought even bigger strides with “Kngs and Queens.”

The audience can easily resonate with him and quickly become his fans.  He believes that music and the art form on a whole is for the people and it is only when the music is presented with an air of freedom and little expense, that its full potential of reach can be attained.

Born on December 10th 1986, Dennis “Pumpa” Liburd originally hails from the island of St. Kitts. There, his mother (Ercille Clark) and seven of his siblings instilled in him, inspiration and advice that would form the foundation of his own mantra, that with hard work and determination, anything is possible. He grew up in the country side town of Cayon Village. There he attended Cayon Primary School until the third grade. At the age of nine he relocated to St Croix U.S.V.I where he then finished his elementary education at the “Lew Muckle Elementary School”.

It was while attending Lew Muckle Elementary School that he earned the nick name “Pumpa” due much in part to his athletic ability. By junior high school, “Pumpa” began to balance his affinity for music with his knack for sports. He led his junior high (Elena L. Christian) team to the middle school basketball championships and began making rhythmic beats on the drums and exploring various genres of music.

During his freshman and early sophomore years, he sang dancehall and even opened for the “Energy God, Elephant Man.” Although he enjoyed singing dancehall and was good at it, in an island community that is built on soca and calypso it was quite difficult to thrive in that genre of music. He crossed over to the soca side of things with a local band called “Rockin Vybez.” While playing with “Rockin Vybez” he realized that soca/calypso would be the arena in which he would flourish.

His passion for music and energetic performances has caught the attention of many local and international promoters, enabling him the opportunity to open for great soca/dancehall artists such as Machel Montano; Shurwayne Winchester, Sean Paul and many more. He has graced the stage of the Bayside Hut’s Soca’vivor show, Ram Jam United’s Soca Explosion and many more.

Best Ah Dem,” Pumpa’s second album, is a new take on Virgin Islands music, injecting influences from calypso, reggae, soca, pop, rock, and world beats. Once again, he demonstrated his versatility to redefine the Caribbean region’s music scene with tracks guaranteed to stay among the favorites of ALL music lovers. “Best Ah Dem” offers a beat and tempo for every mood—whether mellow, electric or something in between. It is indisputable that “Pumpa” used his second solo album to deliver once again, offering his fans–new and old–nothing but ENERGY!

With chart topping tracks like “Wifey Material”, “My Soldiers”, and “Drunk”, along with his most recent song for Carnival 2014; “Release The Beast” and other mega hits such as “Honk Yo Horn; which has won him the most prestigious title; USVI’s Soca Monarch King 2013 and “Massage”, PUMPA demonstrates why he is regarded as one of the most consistent Soca artists in the industry today.

Earl La Pierre Jr. Earl La Pierre Jr. (aka. Eman) is an established industry professional and cultural ambassador. With over 25 years working as a leader in entertainment (not just event promotion, but also as an MC/Steel Pannist), Earl developed an affinity for management. Today, when he’s not serenading others with his steelpan, Earl can be found managing artists, dj’s, and coordinating talent/logistics for various projects across the Toronto GTA.

Olujimi La Pierre Olujimi “Jimmeh” La Pierre, founder and band leader of Fresh Carnival, is an internationally known steel pannist, revered for his natural talent for music. Taking his brand to the next level, ‘Jimmeh the Boss’ is making a big name for himself, both on and off the island, as a prodigy of Cayman Islands. Through his entertainment company, he executes successful party events all year round and is living up to his reputation of being a ‘boss’.

Born on the 7th July, 1981, Kerry Drummer had a love and passion for music from a tender age especially the drums. He came from a very large family with a strong musical background so it wasn’t hard for him to get involved in music. A former student of Success Lavenlle Composite he joined the Success Stars Pan Sounds, under the guidance of Ben Jackson. He also played percussions for bigger bands such as Courts Sound Specialists, TCL Skiffle Bunch and Lydian Steel to name a few. He was also a member of the popular rhythm band Hands of Rhythm. In 2008, while living in New York City he started playing live alongside some of the best soca DJs in the tri state area. He was an instant hit in parties, boat rides and nightclubs. It was during that time he earned the name Kerry D Drummer. He has also worked with numerous soca artistes throughout the Caribbean.

TRIXX- Canada’s Rising Comic Superstar

TRIXX is one talented Torontonian comic.

– Just for Laughs (JFL42 Committee)

…[W]hat makes TRIXX’s act special are his powers of observation – his impressions of kids and women
are hilariously believable – and his honesty.

– Glenn Sumi, NOW Magazine

Taboo shattering, searingly honest, and painfully funny, Frankie “TRIXX” Agyemang is one of Canada’s
rising comic stars. TRIXX , The 2013 Winner of Just for Laughs’ JFL42 Big Break competition (The
Grid TO called “a brilliant set”), has opened for such stars as: Tracy Morgan (30 Rock), Damon Wayans
(In Living Color), Cedric the Entertainer (The Original Kings Of Comedy), Mike Epps (The Hangover
series), Aries Spears (MADtv), Sugar Sammy (HBO Canada), as well as for his good friend and mentor,
Russell Peters.

Trixx has written and performed four sold out theatre shows including his last show, a two-hour solo show,
TRIXX: Unspoken Words, was sold out Toronto’s Jane Mallett Theatre. He has also performed
internationally including: London, Boston, Jamaica (Jamaica’s International Comedy Festival) and
New York City (New York Comedy Festival) where he opened for Russell Peters. In his hometown of
Toronto, you can catch Trixx headlining regularly at such top venues as the Canadian International
Comedy Fest and Yuk Yuk’s, as well as performing at Kenny Robinson’s Nubian Disciples of Pryor
comedy show.

TRIXX has developed a cult following with his no-holds-barred, take-no-prisoners brand of comedy.
Mixing boisterous commentary on topics like pop culture, relationships, music, clubbing, and sex, with
acute insights on being black in Canada, TRIXX’s streetwise, boundary-pushing humour is unafraid of
taking on everyone and everything in his sights.

A talented entertainer, TRIXX got his nickname through his reputation as a prankster while growing-up in
Mississauga, Ontario. A former club DJ and MC, TRIXX has been an on-air personality on Toronto’s
FLOW 93.5 and was a regular on MuchMusic’s Video On Trial. In 2013, he was honoured for a second
time with the Comedy Award from COCA (Canadian Organization of Campus Activities). He was also
a finalist in the 2009 Yuk Yuk’s Great Canadian Laugh Off.

Born in Grenada, Jevaughn, known in the music industry as V’ghn, is one of the islands’ most energetic and charismatic Artiste/Song writers.

At the age 16, V’ghn won 3rd place at the Grenada Spice Mas National Soca Monarch Competition, becoming the youngest Artiste ever to place top three in a Caribbean Soca Monarch Competition with his first solo single entitled “Charge Up”

In 2018 V’ghn placed second in Grenada’s Groovy Monarch Competition, with his hit single “Trouble in the Morning”. A song that’s currently breaking barriers for grenada music.

V’ghn has written for and worked alongside some of the most prominent musicians in the industry including Dexter ‘Blaxx’ Stewart,  Skinny Fabulous, QQ, Mr. Vegas, and many more.

In 2018 V’ghn was also invited to perform at the world renown Hollywood Carnival to share the stage alongside some of the biggest entertainers in the music industry :- King of Soca “Machel Montano, Reggaeton Superstar “Jory Boy” Olympic Songstress “Mariene De Castro” and much More.

Does it mean that you have “made it” when you perform on the daytime talk show of the famed Ellen Degeneres with Pharrell? Does a number one album on the iTunes charts signify that you have done enough and can sit back and enjoy your own success? Mapy AKA The Violin Queen who exploded on the music scene with her patented sound that is redefining the classical music by nfusing reggae, hip hop and soca music into the traditional classical sound to create a brand of music that has never before been seen or accepted by the critics and the masses alike.

But who is Mapy?

Mapy is a Réunion Island native who uncovered her passion for music at the young age of six when she began studying the art of the violin at the Conservatory in Paris, France. It was there that Mapy’s love for the violin took hold and she became the leader of the first violin section in the Symphony Orchestra as well as attending the school as 1st chair for 10 years. Upon graduation Mapy spread her respect for the classical instrument though her work as a music teacher, where she taught the violin to both the young and old.

Though a fulfilling career, Mapy knew that her legend would be created as an artist and in 2013 she joined Airplay Musical Group where she was booked for a litany of luxury events that expanded her brand and introduce her patented style of music to an ever growing number of fans. These events included Paris Fashion Week, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, LVMH Group, Plaza Athénée, and Prince de Galles to name a select few. Additionally, Mapy contributed in the creation of Cordplay, a Hip-Hop & Pop violinist quartet that performed throughout Europe.

As Mapy’s musical prowess continued to grow, so did her yearning to explore additional musical opportunities. It was in 2014 that she made the life changing decision to pursue a solo career as a Hip- Hop, Dancehall & Soca violinist. A genre that she singlehandedly ushered onto the scene, Mapy’s hard work and dedication to success allowed her to obtain a throng of fans and supporters while she continued to elevate her music. During this time, she performed in many prestigious concert halls including Le Bataclan in Paris, Pavillon Baltard and Pavillon Champs- Elysée. She also rocked the stage all around the world including Europe, the Caribbean Islands, Jamaica, Guyana, New Caledonia, and Morocco to name a few. Lately, she has been lighting up the stage all over the world! She opened for Young Thug, during his concert in Paris, France in 2016. She also graced the same stages as Queen of Bacchanal, Destra in Bordeaux Caribbean Carnival in 2016. In 2017, she shared the stage with Rupee in Guyana, and then with the King of Soca, Machel Montano the start of this summer, 2018. Mapy also headlined her own show last fall at Highline Ballroom in NYC, giving her a taste of how her own shows would soon come to be like. 

In July 2017, Mapy released her freshman album, Island Girl, which took the world by storm as it debuted at #1 on the iTunes reggae charts within hours of its release. Mapy, composes and produces her own music, and is currently working on her first album. She has her first single ‘Dreams’ scheduled to be released this Fall. Today, Mapy is gearing up for her international tour, which will bring her front and center to the thousands of fans who have made her an online and viral success. Mapy’s classically infused style of music has separated her from the pack, while her undoubted abilities have cemented her as a musical powerhouse, who is primed and ready for the next phase of her journey to super stardom.

Introducing LFS Music!

Kosi : Nkosi Blackburne will now add the title do his singer/performer to his resume with the release of this latest single “No Weapon”. Having perfected the art of songwriting he has maintained a healthy admiration for music from a very young age. After successfully writing for the likes of many accomplished artist Including Lyrikal, Preedy, Skinny Fabulous, 5 Star Akil, K Rich he is ready to make this transition to the stage.

Whixxkid: Mr. Le Gendre, Produce /engineering. Found the love and intricacy of music as a child. He entered the music industry as a DJ and started creating beats which led him to his debut on the Soca scene with his coproduction on Lyrikal’s hit single “Cloud 9”.

DJ Toonkie: Curtis “DJ Toonkie” Julien, was always fond of music from a very tender age. He first tapped into his love for music by singing calypso while attending primary school. As he grew older he switched paths within the music industry and became a DJ. “Toonkie” is now a has a show on Team Soca one of the largest internet radio stations and continues to play throughout the tri-state area.

Kiddo: A member of the four-time panorama champion (Pan Elders) with frequent Best Village competition appearances and victories as a part of Neptune School Of Arts, Kiddo has been in tune with music and rhythm for years. Honing his craft on live drums from years of being in a gospel band the time has come for him to display these skills in the Soca world.

Singing from a very young age Jabari Blackburne aka Jabz always had a passion for music. Now embarking on this journey with his brothers at his side he is poised to present himself and the band in extraordinary fashion.

Andrea Rivera, is the two time 2017 & 2018 Cayman Islands CayMas Soca Monarch Queen! Andrea has always had a deep passion and love for music since the age of 4. Originally from the Cayman Islands (with Puerto Rican roots), her main influences were Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince, Bob Marley, Whitney Houston and Celine Dion. Andrea is multi-talented and driven by her love for acting, dance, musical instruments and has been developing her song-writing skills since the age of 12.

Andrea has been singing in bands since the age of 16. And with the release of her first hit single “Drop It”, her more recent songs “Wuk Yuh Waist” and “Bedroom Wine”, Andrea has developed her own “Pop Caribbean” style and fan base across the Caribbean and internationally. Definitely one to watch!

After graduating from the University of the West Indies, Trini-born Keevo became part of a monthly ONE MIC free speech manifesting his talents into the comedic talent and internet icon you see on social media today. His Youtube and Instagram feature videos are off the hook and his fan base continues to grow in biblical proportions. With two full one hour stand-up comedy specials under his belt and various performances across Trinidad over the the past 10 years, Keevo is ready to take on the USC stage! He brings a unique brand of clean comedy and witty commentary which resonates with all ages. In a recent confession, Keevo admitted that he likes to go commando during his performances! No judgment, but Spandex has now and forever ever been banned on USC!! Hopefully, Keevo gets the memo before November!!

Zamoni is a young and upcoming Soca Artiste in his 3rd years in the Soca arena. The artiste took Antigua with a storm in 2017 with his hit songs, Don’t Look back and Alright. His strong voice from a slender body structure always amaze his audience, but most would say that his body and voice go together creating the new eye-candy on the big stage.

In 2018 Zamoni established himself as a staple artiste for Antigua’s Carnival celebration. With over seven releases. He attracted telecoms giant, Digicel to signed as Brand ambassador. He is dubbed as the new face of Soca and appears on 90% of the major Carnival pre-fetes and made it to the Party Monarch finals in both Jumpy and Groovy segment. He entered the event as the people’s favorite with the most popular and Island’s number groovy song, Work it. However, the feisty competition bumped him to 4th place finished in both segments.

Zamoni spend the remaining 3 months of 2017 and repeating the same in 2018 dominating the European circuit. He is known as the Face of Soca in Switzerland and appears on shows such as Fraauenfeld (Swiss), JFK (Swiss), Swiss Soca fest (Swiss), Offenburg arena (Germany), Soca Frenzy Scala (UK), La Grillen (France) Maassilo (Rotterdam), Hard Rock Café (Norway). Zamoni made the 2018 Antigua and Barbuda Festivals Commission All Star team to promote Antigua’s Carnival in the USA in states of Orlando, New York and Atlanta.

USC 2018 DJS

Originally from the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Ryan gained interest in the DJ scene in the mid 90s. Starti…ng out with one turntable and a short stack of old records, Ryan began honing his DJ skills. As time moved on and his skills grew, Ryan began his own record collection and started his own sound named Detrimental Sound System whose members currently feature prominently on RED 96.7FM. Known for his blazing speed on the ones and twos, Ryan earned regular gigs at a number of popular nightspots including The BASE Nightclub, Club Coconuts and Pier 1. In the year 2004, he worked for one year on the nation’s number 1 urban station at the time 96.1 WEFM on the most listened to Saturday Morning program alongside Shal Marshall and the Jugglers sound system.

The year 2005 saw Ryan move to Miami, FL to further his education. Not one to be off the scene for long, Ryan was soon playing regularly at a number of Miami’s premiere Caribbean events. Priding himself on his versatility, Ryan has always maintained that he is not simply a Caribbean DJ as evidenced by the eclectic selection of mixes that he has recently released. His time in Miami has seen him travel to a number of different cities across the US including New York, Atlanta, DC, Houston and New Orleans as he continually builds up a following as time progresses. Of late, Ryan has been booked to play at Beach J’ouvert and other events at Jamaica Carnival, is highly sought after for Miami Carnival and DC Carnival, is the resident DJ for Big Phat Fish and other events, and flies back to Trinidad and Tobago every year for the Carnival celebrations and for his regular spot on the new number one urban radio station RED 96.7FM, as well as being featured as one of the main djs on the very popular RED FM truck in Tribe.

His recent mixes that include a mix of various genres of music have caught the attention of American club owners around the country, as he seeks to introduce his eclectic mix of music to mainstream America, while keeping close to his Caribbean roots.

In the international music business artistes are often celebrated for their success in closing colossal music deals and achieving millions of dollars in record sales. Much less attention is paid to the individuals who are working hard in the background, doing all the groundwork to get the music to the people – the radio personalities, DJs and MCs. Very few of them are recognised for their efforts and talents. One such DJ/MC who stands head and shoulders above the rest is DJ Barrie Hype. In 2010 he was awarded Soca DJ of the Year at the second annual South Florida Dancehall Awards.

A patriotic Saint Lucian, DJ Barrie Hype prides himself on being one of the few internationally recognized DJs/MCs from Saint Lucia. Music has been Barrie’s inspiration and sanctuary from the tender age of seven.

Although Barrie now resides in Miami, Florida, he is extremely elated to represent his homeland and promotes our culture, heritage and music at various events. He admits that sometimes he is the only one waving the Saint Lucian flag at some of those events and this, he says, is a surreal feeling; one that he is very proud of nonetheless.
He believes that Caribbean music is not far-reaching enough, simply because the records don’t cross over from the various islands. Barrie thinks music should be global, and it is out of this conviction he founded the company Topgunners. Barrie is also affiliated with 18th & Collins, created by ‘The Soul Rebel,’ DJ Crown Prince. 18th & Collins is a fraternity of DJs, producers and writers who share ideas, build remixes, produce collages and sometimes act as a bridge between artistes, which results in greater collaboration among them. Barrie also has affiliations with Team Black Shadow which produced the record “Gimme the Light,” for Sean Paul. He also collaborates with Team Soca and ‘Friday Bounce,’ a syndicated radio show, along with DJ Crown Prince which airs in five countries (Vibe 103 Bermuda, Blazin 99.3 St Lucia, Slam 101.1 Barbados, Slam 100.5 Trinidad, and Hot 104.1 in Cayman).
Ricky Castro from the group Soul Syndicate is responsible for giving him the name Barrie Hype. He has now become a household name and is known the world over. As an MC/DJ, Barrie has travelled the world which he believes is a great thing. Music has also allowed him to own his home. He attributes some of his success to his father, who has helped him in making some of his business and career decisions.

Being energetic and aggressive has enabled Barrie to develop a unique style and blend that sets him apart from other DJs. He has a chameleonic ability to adapt to situations, crowds and venues and this enables him to connect with his audience. He likes to make people laugh and sometimes incorporates spontaneous comedic breaks during his sets.
Barrie feels extremely humbled to have backed and hosted a concert called Rave during Miami carnival 2011, with over twelve thousand patrons. It rained throughout the concert and they were unable to use a live band. Barrie was allowed to back and host the show all by himself. Some of the show’s performers included Machel, Bunji, Fay Ann, Iwa, Benjai, Kes and Skinny Fabulous.

There’s no party without Puffy.

That’s the word on the entertainment scene in Barbados, where DJ Puffy was born André Parris on November 20, 1991. About 20 years later, he has become an in-demand DJ who has mastered radio and the club. He is unquestionably a prodigy.

Puffy’s resume includes nearly every major event to hit Barbados in recent years. On the Caribbean island where celebrities flock to experience sun-drenched beaches and lavish living, his audiences have included Amber Rose, J. Cole, Jeremih, Rihanna and the cast of Oxygen’s “Bad Girls Club.”

Not only has he played for a who’s who crowd but he has also opened for many of them. Puffy has shared the stage with Chase and Status, the UK music-producing duo; Omarion; Rick Ross and Hed Kandi deejays, Andy Norman and Krystalroxx. With all the attention he gets, it is hard to imagine that his fans almost never knew him. One night, just a typical teenager, he volunteered to play at a carnival party after the rostered DJ couldn’t make it. That’s when he caught the eye of Matthew “Fewwture” Ashby, who later signed him to his agency, Dream Real Projects.

Since then, Puffy has gone from undiscovered to celebrated. The young artist has evolved into an established entertainment icon, hosting parties, producing nightlife events, and ushering in a new era of DJ fandom across Barbados and beyond.

In 2012, Puffy was part of the inaugural Caribbean DJ Honors in Tobago. That same year, he broke into the Trinidad market, playing parties on the college circuit there. A few months earlier, he rocked R.E.D., a wildly popular party on Antigua, months after accepting an invitation from Universal Motown artist, Shontelle, to play at her birthday party at B.B. King’s in New York.

Even off the stage, Puffy delights fans. He has rolled out a series of mashups and mixes, which online music lovers can’t seem to get enough of. With a stroke of genius and a sharp ear, Puffy has mastered fusing Caribbean genres with Top 40 hits, and mainstream chart toppers with underground tracks. “Prime Time” is the most popular mix of them all, racking up three volumes and then some. While balancing touring, playing for celebrities, and sharing the stage with international artists, Puffy holds down a DJ residency at Sugar Ultra Lounge in Barbados and a high-energy evening slot on Slam 101.1 FM.

DJ STEPHEN, born in Carenage, Trinidad and Tobago WI on January 16, 1985. Stephen’s father was one of the old school Reggae …DJs that had an extreme influence on him. Before the age of 18 DJ Stephen was very well captivated by Soca Music and his Caribbean Culture. He made his first major migration from Trinidad to Brooklyn, New York, where he spent most of his teenage years. After several years in the Big Apple, Stephen’s mother decided to make another major move to the city of Atlanta, Georgia, this at the time, was the fastest growing Caribbean community in the US.

So that he would not get bored with a new place and new people, his mother enrolled him into a veteran sound in the Soca industry, Ibis International. As such the alliance of this young phenomena and the long time veteran created a very solid combination that entertained different generations. Stephen blends mixes with the main purpose of keeping people on their feet dancing at all times. In the Present time DJ Stephen has now crossed over into many different genres of music from Soca, Reggae, Hip Hop, Pop, Funky House, and Disco just to name a few.

He has won countless awards, such as, the Annual Atlanta Soca DJ Rama Competition three years in a row (2003, 2004, & 2005). He has also Shared Best DJ on the Road in Houston Caribfest for three years (2003, 2004, and 2006 with Madd Vybes and DJ Strikeforce). On top of this, Stephen shared Best DJ on the Road at the World Famous Miami Carnival 2004 with DJ Maestro. His latest and perhaps biggest achievement so far is becoming the 2009 & 2010 International Soca DJ of the Year, through his outstanding voter support at the International Soca Awards. One of his proudest moments came when he was selected as the only DJ to introduce Soca music and his culture at the 2004 democratic world Leaders Summit in Brunswick, Georgia. Upon his many achievements, Stephen recently co- founded Poundaz International Movement. This movement represents a Brotherhood of DJ’s, Promoters, Entertainers, etc.

The foundation was built on the belief, that the fastest way to achieve one’s individual goal is by having strength in numbers. From all of his hard work and achievements, DJ Stephen, aka The Professor is slowly becoming a household name. You can’t help but wonder what will be next for “The Professor” as he travels the world sharing his energetic entertaining style.

When it comes to Canada’s Caribbean music scene, Dr. Jay is considered Soca royalty. With his vast musical talents and ongoing recognition for his experience in building Soca’s nightlife culture over the past 25 years of his career, ‘De Soca Prince’ is undisputed as the nation’s #1 Soca DJ.

He hosts and produces ‘Soca Therapy’ (a show he started more than a decade ago!) on CHRY 105.5FM, and during that time this ground-breaking show is consistently rated as one of the top-rated weekly shows on the commercial FM dial.

Dr. Jay’s skills have taken the sweet sounds of the Caribbean worldwide audience, from Hong Kong to New York to Englnad and back to the islands of the Caribbean. Dr. Jay’s brand is synonomous with Soca and Calypso on an international level. He has worked with some of Soca’s biggest stars, such as Machel Montano, Destra, and Patrice Roberts, and has also produced hit records for Skinny Fabulous, Edwin Yearwood and Lil’ Bitts, to name a few.

Over the years, he has received numerous awards for his work with the Soca music community, including Toronto DJ of the Year (1998-1999), Canadian Urban Music Awards for Best Radio/Media Personality (2001-2004), International DJ of the Year Award from the Soca Awards Organization (2005-2006), and the Stylus Award for Soca DJ of the Year (2006-2009).

Dr. Jay was recently named as the Soca music ambassador for the Toronto Caribbean Carnival (formerly known as Caribana).

For the past 20 years, his largest event, “Doh Cry Ah Leavin’” has regularly catered to sell-out crowds of more than 2,500 revellers as an annual send off party for people travelling to celebrate Trinidad’s Carnival. Alongside household names in Soca entertainment, Dr. Jay performs in front of thousands of revellers all year round at his other signature events such as Big People Fete (3,200+), J’Ouvert, Return Fete, Soca or Die (2,500+) and BFF (Best Fete Forever), which collects food donations for local Toronto food banks.

If you are seeking the ultimate music experience, fused with a talented, entertaining dj, Kevin Crown, hailing from New York City, checks all those boxes. Born on October 27, 1979 and coined as the “Natural Born Club Killa” for his unique ability to keep the crowd engaged and mesmerized by delivering an authentic, yet nostalgic, performance that leaves his audience in awe days after an event has ended. Kevin Crown is naturally talented and appears to be 100% in sync with all genre of music, all club or event settings, and prides himself on his desire simply to be the best.

At the tender age of 12, Kevin followed in his father’s footsteps and learned the basics. By the age of 16, he booked his first gig and is now a world-renowned, sought after international dj with booked shows in Japan, Anguilla, Barbados, Guyana, Mexico, and across the USA. This big personality could not be contained in clubs, parties, and events. Radio station 93.5 FM quickly took notice, and Kevin eventually became a fixture on live radio, with his popular Saturday Night Madness show. Mr. Crown elevated his career even further by becoming an official brand ambassador for Fiction Fantasy Night Club in Kingston, Jamaica, where he entertained local and international artists, actors, and sports figures, like gold medalist Usain Bolt. Speaking of entertaining celebrities, Kevin Crown made things “Unpredictable” with Jamie Foxx and set the “vibe” for the Wayans Brothers.

In 2014, the 8th Annual Young Gifted & Black Entrepreneurial Awards crowned Kevin Crown DJ of the year, while in 2015, Mr. Crown landed a role in the file Jamaican Mafia and was signed to the largest dj crew in New York, named “Da Union Club Killas”. Other guest radio shows that Kevin Crown has appeared on include Shade 45, NY’s Power105, PIX11 Morning Show, and Jamaica’s Hot102FM. More recently, Kevin Crown was nominated for the Reggae DJ of the year by the Global Spin Awards, hosted in February 2017.

Tony X has been at the nexus of music, Caribbean culture, and nightlife for over fifteen years. He has become the go-to MC for some of the most world renowned musical events and festivals across North America, the Caribbean and Europe. Aside from touring domestically, the Trinidad Native has become a fixture in a very competitive nightlife circuit, magically moving crowds across the world. A longstanding bridge between disparate worlds, Tony has channeled his diverse experiences and analytic creativity into expanding the overall popularity of Caribbean music, particularly soca and reggae which initially inspired his career path. Just over a decade ago, Tony X landed his first residency on New York City’s Bashment Radio 103.1 FM, and has since left an everlasting imprint that has changed the independent radio broadcast scene. The seasoned veteran has snowballed year after year with prominent opportunities to work with top tier event producers and promoters of various large-scale nightclubs and hot spots being recognized for his engaging personality and unique ability to connect to everyone, everywhere, regardless of where he performs. Tony X truly believes that to do great work, you must love what you do. With every new venture he pursues, it is an opportunity to reinvent the trends that everyone else has been following for years, a technique that has allowed him to survive a series of natural selection.

New Yorkers may know the name DJ Young Chow because he’s likely the person getting you in the mood for your Saturday night out on the town as a DJ at popular radio station Hot 97. People around the world know him as a DJ spinning the latest in Reggae and Caribbean beats, but DJ Young Chow, whose birth name is Patrick Chow, has been living for his latest moment for quite some time. Young Chow has been nominated for his first Global Spin Award, the pinnacle of awards for disc jockeys. In short, this is the Oscar’s of this genre and for Young Chow its extra special because he’s nominated in the Reggae DJ of the Year category. It’s a feeling he can’t really put into words but his actions tell you just how happy he is to be in this position. You can say Young Chow, the son of King Chow, a Soca DJ was born to do this. His interest in music started at just a toddler while watching his dad work. By age 9, he played his very first party in Miami and from that day forward he knew he wanted to be in the entertainment industry. At age 11 DJ Young Chow went to Africa with a steel band music instrument group that changes his life forever and from then on, he fell in love with the feeling of traveling and performing.

DJ Stakz, known as “The International Club King” of the DJ collective, Da Union Djs, is a Haitian American Brooklyn born DJ. With influences from his father and older brother, Stakz found his love for music and knew at the early age of 13 that he wanted to pursue a career in music. Growing up in the concrete jungle of NYC, Stakz adapted that attitude and made a name for himself amongst celebrities such as: Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, Wyclef Jean to name a few and also because of the love of his Haitian culture, he has been the bridge between the urban American and Haitian Caribbean demographic

As a DJ, LORD HYPE can be described in many ways, but aggressive, innovative and cutting edge are the 3 most commonly used terms to describe this Trinidad & Tobago native. With long flowing mixes that seamlessly blend one track into the next, Hype has the ability to take control of any dance floor.

Formerly known as DJ Dane, Lord Hype got his start in Trinidad as a mobile DJ. Well versed in many genres the electrifying “chop boss” quickly built a reputation for his versatility as well as changing the direction of an event seamlessly without saying a word.

Known for his ability to move a crowd with his musical mixes, his charisma and not to mention great sense of style, Ricardo Gomez takes partygoers back to basics with his skills as a deejay. He has created a name for himself as the original Party Rocker and rock any party he most certainly does.
Ricardo was raised here in the US in his early years, then moved back to Trinidad where he spent his pre-teen and teenage years. He returned to the US in 1988 and completed his college degree in Business Administration with a minor in Broadcasting.

It was this minor that would ultimately determine the direction of his major career decisions. He was able to combine his background in business with his love for broadcasting to create the brand Back to Basics. He applied many of the fundamentals and basic skills that he had learned during his college years to his business, and to life in general.

A true businessman at heart, Ricardo approaches his events with careful planning and foresight. When throwing an event, he begins by initially coming up with a concept. Then he will decide on the venue that he best sees fitting with this concept. Next he would evaluate the expenses and overall cost of the event and finally match it up to the need in the market. Then if the venture is financially feasible, its a go!

Coming soon

When you hear the name Giselle Blanche, you may not think it’s anyone you’ve heard of but if you hear the name Wassi, some recognition may occur. Her signature line is “Yuh mus’ be mad o’ what!” Her energy and charisma is undeniable, the speed of her talk is amusingly unforgettable.

She has been on our local — and foreign — airwaves for many years. Residing in Miami, Florida, for several years, she visits Trinidad for the Carnival season annually and is usually a guest co-host on several stations during this time as she freelances as a marketing partner for Tropix Entertainment which is headed by promoter, Cliff Harris. Within this partnership, she promotes Fire Fete, the Army fete and the Anchorage Cooler fete, among other events. Born and bred in Brooklyn, New York, but having Trinidadian parents, this ever energetic “sweetbread of a person” said, “I only came to Trinidad during the summer vacation.” A patriotic Trinbagonian, she has made a name for herself embracing the culture of Trinidad and Tobago. “Whoever wants to hire me, once I can highlight my culture, I am there!”

The god-daughter of two legends in the artform, Baron and Superblue, Blanche said her wish as a child was really to become an obstetrician/gynaecologist. “I wanted to be a part of the process that brought life into this world. It’s something extraordinary.”

Blanche has been leading her own mas band in Miami since she was 14 years old. “Nicole, don’t you dare start calculating how old I am! You hear me? I am just eighteen years.” she admonished playfully, collapsing into a throaty laugh. Her adult band is Wassi Ones and her children’s band is Wassi Babes.

Her devotion was recognised in an official way when she was awarded the Selman Lewis Culture award in Miami, the significance of that award being for persons who took culture to the next level. “That award was special because he was like a father and mentor to me before he passed away.”

With all that she does, she admitted, “I do become frustrated at times and I might be in a bad mood but it’s God’s hand on me. When that microphone comes on, I become transformed!”

Trusted and respected by many public personalities, she has a circle of artistes to whom she “acts as a support system”. This year, her core group consists of soca artistes Lyrikal, Patch, and Cassi, all of whom are having a very successful season.

One who just naturally cares about others in a deep way, she hopes to one day provide free testing centers throughout the Caribbean for breast cancer.

Sean “Freeze” Jennings was born to play music. He has been playing music since the age of 6 -a true student of the art form of entertaining and bring different cultures together. Born to a mother of American Southern roots and a father from Trinidad, his musical taste is quite vast.

Living in New York City alone is a great opportunity for any young artist or dj to start their career. Hitting the party scene and mingling with artists, making his name prominent at an early stage was his goal.

Sean took a short break from the New York scene in 2005 and moved to Florida for a change of pace. Here is where his art form transformed and made him who he is today. He took Florida by storm, claiming the titles during their carnival seasons: “Best DJ on The Road” in Tampa 2006 to 2009, Orlando 2007 to 2009, and Miami in 2008 to 2009.

Upon his return to New York, Freeze claimed the title of “Best DJ on the Road” for Labor Day 2009. His hard work and ambition paid off in full. His father passed later that year, but he did not want the dream of “The Original Freeze” to go with him. Sean Jennings wanted his legacy as a well-rounded and risk taking DJ to continue….
2010 was the mark of a new legacy and the birth of the most versatile group out to date. Freeze International comprises of many different talents/artists, other djs including Jason J Rocca, who is one of Sean’s right hand men in Freeze International musically and “we’re not stopping there.”

Freeze International has opened for artists such as Machel Montano, Shurwanye Winchester, Kes the Band, Beenie Man, Sean Paul, Shaggy, Capelton, Beres Hammond, Bounty Killa, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Luke and The 2 Live Crew…..and the list goes on and on!

Born and raised in Toronto, Jester’s world-class turntable skills have helped to elevate this talented DJ far beyond the borders of his Northern homeland. Well known throughout Canada, The USA, Europe and The Caribbean for expertly spinning Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, Soca, Electro and countless other styles of music (all with consummate ease), Jester has more than earned right to the title “North America’s Most Versatile DJ”.

Infamous among his Toronto peers for his tireless work ethic, Jester proves that a “Jack of all trades” can, in fact, be a master of many. A firm testament to this is the fact that Jester somehow manages to maintain his position as one of Toronto’s most sought after club DJs and a highly respected producer/remixer, while also hosting “The G-Drive” every weekday from 3pm to 7pm and DJing the “Anything Goes Mixshow” at 8pm on Toronto’s newest Urban station, G98.7FM!

All of this would be more than enough to keep any mere mortal occupied, but not Jester. Embodying his personal mantra – “It’s Not A Joke”, Jester somehow still manages to keep cranking out cutting-edge mixtapes for his website at an alarming rate while remaining one of Toronto’s hottest DJ exports. Putting his trademark versatility to good use, Jester spends countless night-time hours and weekends “smashing” clubs and parties all over the globe with his widely sought-after turntable skills, and when he’s not at the radio station or smashing a club, he can be found as his home base, Jugglin Studios, producing one of his critically acclaimed original remixes.

Unrivalled in the Club and Dancehall “scenes”, Jester has played shows with many of the world’s top DJs and artists including icons of all genres like Busta Rhymes, Clipse, Erykah Badu, Sean Paul, Jermaine Dupri, Machel Montano, Kanye West, P. Diddy, Kid Capri, Krosfyah, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Tony “Mentally Ill” Matterhorn, Ginuwine, Alison Hinds, Rupee, Kardinal Offishall and many more.

Over the years, Jester has made appearances at various media outlets including Toronto radio stations like FLOW 93.5FM, CKLN 88.1FM and CHIN 100.7, as well as The Beat 94.5FM (in Vancouver) and WEFM 96.1FM in Trinidad (West Indies), not to mention his super-popular stints on His television appearances range from the Canadian TV classic Electric Circus to MuchMusic and MuchVibe.

All in all, Jester is the consummate multimedia powerhouse: a talented DJ, a riveting on-air personality, a cutting edge producer/remixer, a trail-blazing entrepreneur and a genuine musical visionary.

“We never sleep”, he jokes, which in itself is testament to the fact that when it comes to the business of music – as his trademark catch phrase says – “It’s NOT a joke”.

Corie Weaver was born in Antigua, West Indies. He started playing in the late 90’s and took on the alias DJ Crown Prince. Through his personal and musical views he keeps the moniker, “The Soul Rebel,” as his reminder to stay true to himself as he pursues his vision of uniting the world through music.

Born into a family of musicians, music has always been a part of his life. He started his formal music education through participation in various chorus, choirs and bands in school. He’s always been a student of music and wants to remain one.

He started Djing by making mixes of his favorite songs to listen to from a simple dual tape deck and after encouragement from his close friends, family, and a few Djs he decided to actually make a career out of it. Their belief in his abilities inspired him to take the leap and he never forgets it. From Dj’s to Artists, Music Producers and even Bands, Corie’s music has been influenced by a variety of sources. In his words “Music and the culture of music is my source of inspiration”.

His main style is to blend different genres of music that are aimed to entertain as well as somewhat educate listeners and party goers with smooth delivery. The main genres of music that he focuses on are Urban, Caribbean, Mainstream, Soul, Top 40, Moombahton (a fusion genre of House music and Reggaeton) & Electro. Being a keen student he absorbs and figures out ways to play a variety of music and more importantly play as close to perfection as possible. With DJ Crown Prince it’s easy to say that Delivery is KEY!
DJ Crown Prince has traveled all over the world, performing at nightclubs, concerts and music festivals in countries including USA, Canada, Bermuda, Portugal, Italy, Turks & Caicos, Cayman Islands, United Arab Emirates, Trinidad, Barbados, St Lucia, England, Sri Lanka, and more to play his unique brand of music.

DJ Crown Prince has one of most popular podcasts online from his region with an average of 1800 downloads daily. He’s mixes have been featured on BBC 1XTRA, Radio One UAE (The Edge with Dany Neville,) 102 JAMZ in Orlando where he was a guest mixshow dj during the caribbean show for over a year, and He currently has a syndicated radio show with Dj Barrie Hype that airs on stations in over 11 countries. He’s also deejayed and hosted events with artists like, Damien Marley, Young Jeezy, Rita Ora, T-Pain, Mario, Fabolous, Ashanti, Twista, Estelle, T.I., Lil Wayne, Rupee, Kevin Lyttle, Bunji Garlin, Machel Montano, Kes The Band, Beenie Man, Beres Hammond, Mr Vegas, The Wailers, Sweet Mickey, T-Vice, and many Others.

His humility is reflected in his wish to be remembered simply as an ambassador of music, culture, and love… The Soul Rebel

DJ AVALANCHE, one of the Caribbean’s Hottest Dj is known for rocking crowds from clubs to arenas around the world. The Multi-award winning international Dj/Producer Avalanche has toured with many of your favorite aritsts from the Caribbean and the United States.

Dj Avalanche became one of the most sought after DJ’s in the Caribbean, traveling throughout North America and the Caribbean. He earned his reputation as the “Caribbean’s Hottest Dj” when he won the Heineken’s first DJ competition in 2003. He also created a line of unique soca, reggae, and hip hop mixed tapes, and performed/hosted some of the biggest parties in the region. In 2005, Dj Avalanche ventured into the world of broadcasting, where he has been the host of his own radio program “The Avalanche Radio Show.”

Currently, Dj Avalanche can be heard live On-Air for 103 The Reef (103.5FM) in the USVI and has been featured on BET’s College Hill and Tempo Television’s Pull Up Selecta . Avalanche recently won his 8th award as the Best DJ of the Virgin Islands.

Hailing from the Gem of the Caribbean Sea, Jus-Jay born and raised in Barbabos, is known for Big Sound, Big Energy & loads of Tricks & Remix!

In the early stages coming up as an electronic music & island sound enthusiast, the persona that is Jus-Jay is nothing shy of electric & eclectic. The music catalog can range from Soca, Dancehall, Hip-Hop, Reggae, House/Dance and not to forget pure & applied Mashup Remix!

In recent times, Jus-Jay is widely known to wreck the Technic 1200 turntables as his viral videos that have been sweeping the internet with Turntable & Remix/Mashup style routines infusing Caribbean vibes with the rest of the world. Over 150,000 views & over 5,000 shares in a matter of months, the journey has only just begun, and the aim remains to take the music of the islands to new and exciting heights!

Rated Next! Would be the best way to describe this Dj, producer & event promoter; rocking it from country to country, promoting some of the biggest events in his homeland. He has already shared stage with the likes of Major Lazer, Trey Songs, Rae Sremmurd, Neyo, Machel, Bunji, and even Lewis Hamilton as MC.

Strictly Good Vibes await you onboard. Welcome … to the NEW International sound of the islands!

DeejBlaze was born and raised on the beautiful twin island republic of Trinidad & Tobago. In 1996 he migrated to St Martin, and it was in 1998 when he decided to follow his true passion as a DJ. His mixing, scratching and mc skills developed rapidly and by late 1999, when he became one of the most popular DJ’s on St.Maarten/St.Martin.
Since the early 2000’s, DeejBlaze has been regularly touring in cities like Paris, Montpellier, Bordeaux, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, etc. Locally, he is considered nothing less than ‘famous’. Over the years he has been recognized and awarded as “Dj” of the year multiple times.

Throughout the Caribbean, DeejBlaze has also made a name for himself as well. He is also the only English DJ that tours the French, English & Dutch West Indies. In 2010, Deejblaze signed a record deal with French independent record label Wagram Music to put out a double disc mix album from a catalogue provided by Greensleeves Records & VP Records . The double disc “100% Ragga” was released in 2011 and peaked at the #3 position as the best-selling reggae album on iTunes France. The album is still available on all major digital music outlets like Amazon, Virginmega, iTunes etc.

Deejblaze is known internationally for his famous mixtapes. He has also shared the big stage with many international & legendary artists such as Jimmy Cliff, DMX, Vybz Kartel, Bounty Killer, I Octane, Beenie Man, Lady Saw, Sanchez, Wayne Wonder, Ludakriss, Elephant Man, Sizzla and Destra just to name a few.

As one of London’s premier and busiest Soca DJs, I have played and continue to play in the best Soca Fetes in London from Release D Riddim & Soca Frenzy to Soca Mafia events. I also am the resident DJ of the UK Chocolate Nation Mas Band which holds packed out boat parties on the River Thames as well as other inclusive events. Being involved in all the above mentioned events, I often get the chance to be the back up DJ for established artits like Bunji Garlin, Fay- Ann Lyons, Skinny Fabulous, Tallpree, Jamesy P., Kerwin DuBois and others.

As well as a vibrant UK Career, I play frequently in the biggest events in Europe, like Rotterdam Carnival, Bielefeld Carnival and Berlin Carnival which lead me to be sponsored by Berlin Clothing Company, YARD.

2011 has been the most successfull year for me so far. I put on my first ever solo event “What Ah Feeling“, the warm up to Berlin Carnival, which went down a storm with everyone looking forward to the next one. In October and Novemeber, I had my first “International Shuffle” tour, where I played in Atlanta, London and Berlin in successive 3 weeks. It was bitter sweet for one of the events I played at was a fund raiser for a dear friend of mine, Cyril. In 2011, I also won the Clabash Best Club/ Party DJ Award. I am deeply touched that this great honour has been given to me and can’t thank my fans and supporters often enough. Thank y’all!

I also now do a monthly slot on Choice FM with Martin Jay for his prestigious and long running Soca Show on the commercial airways called “The Caribbean Affair”.
Not only satisfied being just a DJ, I want to make a mark in the Soca World and in 2011, Snapshot (Backshot) was released, sung by Shaney Hypez, written by me and has blown up to be one of the years biggest tunes.

At the age of six, Bandit left his birthplace of Toronto and headed to Grenada, where he completed his Primary, Secondary, and O’ Level schooling. In the early 90s, his father’s nightclub, Le Sucrier, was in need of a Disc Jockey, and here began his career as a DJ. By 18 years of age, not only was he mashing up the clubs as a DJ in Grenada, he was also managing his family Businesses & Night Club, while working with artists such as SuperCat, Nardo Ranks, Sparrow, Burning Flames, David Rudder, Tambu, Ajamu, Barrington Levy & Sanchez, to name a few. Although he returned to Toronto at the age of 20, Bandit faithfully returned to Grenada three times a year to manage Le Sucrier in the Sugar Mill.

With management in his blood, Bandit started to organize parties here in Toronto. It began with a birthday party, “D Prince and Bandit Fete”, and then “De Jail Break” fete. At the end of 1996, Bandit was invited to join Dr. Jay and the Kingdom of Soca. 1997 brought the first Kingdom of Soca (KOS) event, “Doh Cry Ah Leaving”, which introduced the addition of Court Jester and Robin Hood D’Bandit into the KOS family. Bandit was not satisfied with the addition of the name Robin Hood, as he recognized D’Bandit as the strength in the name, and in 1998, he officially shortened his name to D’Bandit.

In 1999, Bandit began to see a void in the Toronto fete scene that needed to be filled. The various big jams held in Toronto resulted in a dilution of the soca that was heard in one night. It was time for DJs and Fete goers to come together and party like it was done at “home” in the Caribbean…it was time for de “All Ah We to Fete as One Family”. 1999 also ushered in the union of long time friend, Starting from Scratch, and the well-known DJ Mr. Presto to fill yet another void. There was a need for women to go to a nice venue and enjoy reggae music all night long…this brought the birth of Redemption. Still not satisfied, Bandit decided to give the people an event to fill up a Sunday afternoon, so on the first Sunday of the summer came the “All Ah We Boat Ride”. In other words, the first Sunday that follows June 21st you can look forward to the annual boat ride to set the summer off right…De “All Ah We Boat Cruise”! 2000 also marked the first successful Road play of D’Bandit in Toronto, on the Dr.Jay/KOS truck with Saldenah. That Caribana also sparked the friendship of Back to Basics, who introduced D’ Bandit to New York. This introduction opened D’ Bandit’s eyes to take the show on the road, with stops Trinidad, Barbados, and Grenada.

Bandit’s most recent accomplishment has proudly been the formation of the Toronto Carnival band, Carnival Nationz. Bandit, with his partners de Islandboyz, and 9 time King of TnT Carnival winners, de Eustaces, set out to establish the highest standard of excellence for the Toronto masquerader. With their extensive organizational skills, their attention to customer service and their vision of what Toronto Carnival/Caribana should be, they have set the bar of excellence in their inaugural year by winning the Band of the Year title in 2005…and if this wasn’t enough proof they were “in it to win it,” they repeated their success once again in 2006, 2009, 2011 and most recently 2012. In 2011, Carnival Nationz won every title in competition that year, this is something that has never been done before.

D’Bandit has been instrumental in bringing Caribbean music to where it is in the Toronto market. Currently Soca, Reggae and Dancehall can be heard in over 50% of the clubs today, and D Bandit can proudly say he had a major part to play in creating the demand for Caribbean music in Toronto and globally (he receives over 15000 unique downloads of his podcasts per month). Dwayne D’ Bandit Pitt has over 22 years of experience coordinating events. Despite this, D’ Bandit continues to develop his brand worldwide, as well as take on new challenges in this competitive world of entertainment.

The illustrious career of DJ Majestic is certainly a ͞royal͟ tale of continued success that transcends musical, cultural, and geographical borders. Kristoff Ng Wai has always had a passionate love affair with music. As a curious pre-teenager hailing from the suburbs of Trinidad and Tobago, he started his budding career as an eager disc jockey among a group of enthusiastic school mates. At the tender age of ten, ͞Maji͟ became recognized for his natural ability to compose original songs. DJ Majestic’s promising talents as a passionate songwriter were further elevated with his excellent command of various musical instruments which included the piano, drums, and other percussion instruments. Most notably however, was Kristoff’s inherent ability to capture and channel emotion within a range of musical genres from Soca to R&B. Having these talents recognized by family and local industry legends, it would seem that opportunity met hard work at the right time for this rising star.

Being a descendant of the Trinidad & Tobagonian heritage, Ryan Sayeed has always been exposed to Caribbean culture. One of the main things that really resonated with Ryan from his Caribbean background is the music. From a young age, he took a special interest not just in music itself, but everything about it. From learning how to build speakers to arranging music, it has always been a part of his childhood and transitioned into adulthood. The Young Legend began to take an interest in djing when he reached the age of 20.

Not long after his interest in djing came about, he was offered to play at a set during a large Caribbean event in Miami. From then, things spiraled into Ryan djing at major local events in Miami, and progressed to him beginning to travel as a dj. Six years later he found himself playing in some of the most prestigious events around the world. Ryan now plays open format for a large and diverse demographic. Performing in the UAE, the Caribbean, Europe and many more places, he is slowly making his mark on every part of the world one event at a time.

Just about any major reggae or soca artist you can name, this DJ has worked with — meet DJ Spice. He’s an internationally respected DJ whose reach stretches from hit makers in the Caribbean like Beanie Man, Sean Paul and Rupee to hip-hop legends, including KRS ONE and RUN DMC. He’s also performed for the likes of Bruce Springsteen. The 38-year-old has won International Soca DJ of the year seven times. He’s a top requested DJ for carnival celebrations across the globe, from Boston to London, to the mas in Trinidad. But before he got big breaks with superstar artists and international gigs, he was a little kid who grew up in New York and fell in love with music. ͞I been deejaying from young,͟ DJ Spice said. DJ Spice, born Calvin Collins, has been spinning records since the tender age of 3, and you could say it’s in his blood. Born in the U.S., but raised in a Trinidadian family, Collins grew up watching his father, the late DJ Rocking Mills, make a name for himself spinning soca records. DJ Spice would tag along with his father, deejaying at Caribbean parties, weddings, concerts and a number of events. ͞He showed me the ropes,͟ DJ Spice said. Because his father was also the soccer coach for Team Caribe, Spice would also travel with his father to the international games and play music afterward. If you ask him about his musical tastes, he’ll tell you that growing up, he was all about hip-hop; from the music and the clothes to the swag. He played for artists like Funkmaster Flex, and he felt that hip-hop was where his heart was. However, the more exposure he had to different approaches to soca music from different islands, the more he fell in love with the music of his Caribbean roots. Over time, DJ Spice’s star rose, and deejaying gigs took him all over the U.S. and around world

Skorch Bunit (Selecta Renegade) is one of the Caribbean’s most recognized Selectors. His career started as John Di Baptist in the Cayman Islands as the owner of the infamous Renegade Disco, the sound system that quickly shot to the top of the Soca and Dancehall scene in Cayman. Being tripled booked on an island of that proportion was a huge success. However in 2001 Renegade moved to Miami, Florida to further his career.

Selecta Renegade then joined the World Famous Black Chiney Sound, where he toured extensively while gaining experience and recognition. Always the pioneer, he was the 1st Dancehall DJ to use Stanton’s Final Scratch Software revolutionizing the industry and setting the trend for others to follow.

Selecta Renegade is currently busy with Radio Shows in the Cayman Islands and his Ever Popular Mixtapes / CDs are all over the World!

In 1999 a group of Fatima school mates started the Platinum Sound System. The group consisted of the twins Ryan Pamkra, Kerwin and Kenwin Gardiner, Sean Newsam, and Nicholas Mohammed. Their very first gig in December that year saw them playing at a Coco Velvet party in Haleland Park with two 10-pack cds of music. In 2004 Nicholas Pena and Ryan Pankar made the decision to branch off into their own entity – XTC. They soon got their big break in the latter part of 2004 when they joined the 51 degrees night club cast of DJs. XTC became regulars at the nightclub and began to build the XTC brand by playing in numerous other events throughout the year (especially during the carnival season) for promoters such as TRIBE, Red Ants, Jamboree and Island People to name a few. Ryan decided to search for a competent teammate to partner with him on the microphone. As luck would have it Patrick Alexis visited Ryan the night before he was to audition for a new mic man and hearing the situation asked for the opportunity to get a shot at the position. After countless hours in the studio, the persona now known to everyone as the Hypeman started to take shape. The Nuphoric brand slowly started to turn heads and what followed in the next six (6) years was a rise in success that saw the duo move from being not only one of the top TRIBE and party DJs in Trinidad, but also one of the most sort after combinations for Carnivals and Soca events around the world including Ubersoca Cruise. In 2017, the Hypeman decided it was time for him to pursue his solo career, and Mr. Panks continues to fly the Nuphoric flag proudly and is one of the most solid DJs in the industry today boasting years of experience such as eleven (11) years as a TRIBE and Red Ants DJ and thirteen (13) years at 51 Degrees Lounge in Trinidad just to name a few.

D’ENFORCAS is without a doubt one of the most influential tastemakers in the International Caribbean Music Scene. The Sound consists of two members: BASS LINE – the Founder, the Voice and versatile DJ and MARLY – long standing member and Caribbean Music Specialist. Both members come from a Strong Musical Family Background. It should also be noted that past members of the sound included STRYKA (webmaster behind the Islandmix website), Mejustik & Kerwin DuBois (International Soca Artist & Producer). D’Enforcas have toured all across Canada, The United States, Europe and The Caribbean performing alongside some of the biggest names in urban entertainment. They also have helped to make Soca music mainstream and changed the landscape of Toronto’s Urban Nightlife Scene mastering the term ͞Resident Soca DJ͟. D’Enforcas have been recognized internationally for producing official remixes for some of the biggest Soca artists in the World such as: Machel Montano, Bunji Garlin, Fay-ann Lyons, Iwer George, Umi Marcano, Shal Marshall and more. In 2012, D’ENFORCAS received the honour of being asked to join the World’s BEST DJ Crew – THE HEAVY HITTERS FAMILY by the Legendary DJ ENUFF from New York (tour DJ of Notorious B.I.G); making them the first DJs in Canada & the first SOCA DJs in the world to receive this honour. This is just the beginning for these talented dj’s; they are constantly looking to raise the level of Urban Entertainment with the ultimate mission of contributing to the growth and appreciation for soca music worldwide

Jason is a proud Bermudian with Guyanese heritage. Island life is in his blood and at a young age he fell in love with Soca music. This love turned into passion and later, once he returned to Bermuda from university in Canada, his DJ alter ego – D’General was born. He gained a steady following and D’ General became known as the island’s top Soca DJ. Today, hundreds tune into his weekly show Soca Sweetness, and thousands dance behind the PASSION truck during the 24thof May Heritage Day Parade. Jason has also combined his love of Soca with his love of people, carnival and his country. He has formed a team and they have created Bermuda Heroes Weekend (Bermuda Carnival). They have grown Bermuda Heroes Weekend (BHW) into a weekend of events that is dedicated to providing unique cultural experiences and quality entertainment that attract many visitors to the islands of Bermuda.

DJ Ana, Canadian Born and Trinidad raised, has been a DJ since she was 10 years old. At the age of 25, her accomplishments are numerous for an individual in her age
category. DJ Ana has been on radio since the age of 16 as a DJ/Announcer. Her radio experience began with her Saturday morning primetime shift on Next 99.1FM. She is currently a radio announcer/DJ on Hott 93.5FM where she works on the afternoon drive time shift – “The Glam Jam” from 2-6pm and “The Hype Show Glam Edition” on Friday Nights from 6-10pm.

Dj Ana’s entertainment experience goes way beyond radio as she has worked on many TV projects. She was a co-host on the television program “Chutney Island” on Synergy TV and was also able to become the host of her own TV show entitled “Talkarie” on Synergy Tv Connect (Trinidad) which sought to encompass all aspects of Culture in Trinidad and Tobago including cuisine, fashion and music. The show also covered many events including the nightlife experience in our local North and South Trinidad nightclubs and fetes. The show was co-produced and co-directed by DJ Ana herself.

She currently has her own Youtube Channel where she does many video blog format shows (vlogs) entitled the “Glam Jam Vlogs” which allows viewers to get an insight into the behind the scenes aspects of a travelling/touring DJ’s lifestyle. DJ Ana Uses Many Social Media Platforms To Stay In Touch With Her Followers And Has Over 50,000 Followers Across The Platforms, Including Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Soundcloud, iTunes & Twitter.

Dj Ana’s weekdays consist of a combination of radio shifts and classes (as she is currently pursuing a career in law as well via the University of the West Indies). Her weekends consist of flying to foreign destinations to DJ and entertain crowds. She has been on events both Caribbean and non-Caribbean related around the world. She frequents many carnivals around the world annually also.

Her wide range of experience includes:

DJ at events in Countries such as Dubai, Japan, Canada, USA, Mexico,
Guyana, St.Lucia, Barbados, Cayman Islands etc.

She frequents carnivals in: Miami, Canada, Cayman Islands, St.Lucia,
Japan, Orlando, New York etc.

In Trinidad’s Carnival Scene, she has been a DJ with YUMA for the past 6 years. This past year (2017), for the first time, she owned and marketed a section within YUMA and it was completely sold out. She also frequents some of the country’s largest carnival events/fetes annually such as Brian Lara’s Events, YUMA Fetes, Eyes Wide Shut Sushi and Soca, Boycode, Fantasy Carnival Band’s event MANIA etc.

Dj Ana has performed locally at Clubs in Trinidad such as Next Nightclub, Aria, Zen, Paprika, Tzar, Coco Lounge, Rossco’s, Rustreet, Woodford Cafe, Liv Nightlife, Space Nightclub, Prive, Metro Nightclub, Maracas Nightclub etc. over the years.

Recently, DJ Ana Has Travelled The World As DJ Bravo’s Tour DJ With Stops In Dubai, New York, Orlando, Guyana & More.

Describe as the Number French Caribbean Dj in the world for more than a decade, Dj Jairo has certainly became an iconic representative of Caribbean music across the whole French Caribbean community such as France, Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guyana, Reunion and many more island.

Born in May,20 1982, he picked up from a young age, skills and develop a passion in exploring Latin and Caribbean rhythms fused together with urban music allowing him to rise to an overflowing energy and an authentic style.

Over the year, he electrifies with his unique style the most selective clubs alongside international artist such as David Guetta , but also Chris Brown and Trey Songz for their private parties in Paris. His perfection and drives for innovation cause excitement and curiosity but does not leave anyone indifferent especially while performing in some of the most prestigious place in Paris, such as Bercy ,Zenith or even Cannes Festival for over 20,000 people.

In Early 2015, Dj Jairo drew the attention of International Stephen, one the biggest Soca Dj and both decided to combine their cultural skills, performing and setting trend with “Bouillon and Soca music” across some of the biggest events and Carnival from Notting Hill to Trinidad.

As a business man, Jairo didn’t want to stop there. His perseverance and drive for innovation led him to undertake ambitious projects as producer and entrepreneur, producing over 5 successful French Caribbean artists within his production company JR PROD, owner of 3 gastronomic Caribbean restaurant across Paris and the LIB club in Paris and more recently partner of “ Marie Cesaire Champagne” the first champagne in the world ever owned by a black woman which no other than his sister.

Dj Dankers is a French Caribbean eclectic deejay from Guadeloupe (F.W.I) who began his career in 1998. Because of the lack of interest from the media in Soca music in early 2000, he decided alongside several French Socaholic to re-brand the spirit of this major Caribbean music since 2008. The biggest challenge began in 2010 with the event ͞Socaholic Friday͟ which took place at the well-known club ͞Bik Kreyol͟ in Guadeloupe. This party quickly grew in popularity and hosted famous Soca artists such as Blaxx and Patrice Roberts and me as main deejay. Over the years Dj Dankers was nicknamed the ͞French Soca Masta͟ because of his knowledge of the genre and the culture behind it. He became a reference among the French islands of Guadeloupe, Martinique, St Marteen, Marie Galante, and French Guyana but also in France.He also created the monthly ͞Hip Hop Meets Soca͟ party concept in Guadeloupe in 2012 and spread his love of Soca and his original flavor all around the French Caribbean community by organizing and playing at parties such as ͞Baccha Festival͟ in Martinique with a crowd of 2,500 people or the ͞Mercury Day in Guadeloupe and Mercury Beach in Saint Lucia, in ͞All Day In Music Festival͟ The Biggest French Caribbean Festival where he present a Pure Soca Show and ͞WAC Picasso party͟ the Biggest French Powder Fete which take place in Guadeloupe with Acts by Puffy or International Stephen all along the years. He was invited as the main act in cities such as Paris, France from the famous ͞ Souskay͟ parties to ͞Good Vybz Paris͟ at Oz Club to ͞My Kartel Bordeaux Carnival͟ in Bordeaux, Miami Carnival at ͞Socavivor͟ events ,Follow him in 2018 in Barbados at ͞Gimme Soca͟ Events or for Sint Marteen Carnival in April but also Atlanta carnival for ͞Ace Weekend͟ or Saint Lucia Carnival with ͞Legends Mas Band͟.

Described as one of the hottest up and coming DJ’s out of Miami, Dj Doctor Esan has been dominating the Miami party scene for some time, delivering high-energy sets satisfying party goers locally. Born in New York city, but raised in Trinidad & Tobago, Esan developed a deep appreciation and understanding for Caribbean music and culture at a young age. After migrating to Miami in his late teens, Esan’s passion for music ignited. He started Dj’ing at house parties in the South Miami area and was quickly picked up by top local radio stations such as Riddims 94.5fm and Mixx 96.1fm. This propelled his career and exposed his smooth mixing and enticing sound selection skills to a wider South Florida audience. Dr. Esan is now appointed as the Official DJ for some of Miami’s largest promotional groups. He holds down residencies at top Caribbean events in South Florida such as Big Phat Fish, Runway, Miami Fame Weekend, Soca Paradise and more. Lately, Dj Doctor Esan has been called upon by fete-erans across the globe, headlining major parties and carnivals internationally. The journey continues for Esan as he takes his talents to new territories around the world.


A staple in the central Florida area Lips intl (Ladies In Pursuit of Sound) is an all female DJ group based in Orlando Florida representing Trinidad, Guyana, Virgin Islands and The Bahamas. Known as the party starters, their passion for music stands out at every performance. The trio grew up in the industry and fell in love with music at a young age. Dj Keez , WutlessGirl and Lady Mystique combined are a force to be reckoned with. This talented trio can be found setting the tone at corporate events, weddings and clubs and have played across the USA and internationally with a goal of changing the landscape in the male dominated fraternity of sound. Tune in to their weekly Wednesday broadcast on Riddim Rootz Radio at 630pm where they bring cultures together…. last cruise was a teaser these hardworking ladies proved themselves to bring the heat. Don’t let their pretty faces fool you, this is your mans favorite 3some, Lips Intl sealed with a kiss on board for 2018.

HEMO started her career as a DJ, selector and producer in the 1990s and is one of the djs responsible for exposing Caribbean music and culture to Japan. She later collaborated with MOOFIRE and began to gain notoriety on the Japanese club scene with the “Escape” riddim (HEMO+MOOFIRE). HEMO has produced hits for a number of Jamaican dancehall artists such as Elephant Man, Sizzla, Wayne Wonder and Vybez Kartel, and performed with Sean Paul, Beenie Man, Fire Links and others in Jamaica.

Since 2000, HEMO has been working tirelessly to popularize Soca in Japan and Asia and has produced Soca hits compilations which were released by Warner Music Japan, Pony Canyon and Victor Entertainment. As a DJ, she has opened for Kevin Lyttle and Machel Montano and plays at Trinidad Carnival every year.

In 2013, she started her own record label named “LIME Records”. The label has released albums, including selector HEMO presents / ISLAND POP!!!, and music videos. In 2017, she brought Machel Montano to Japan and collaborated on her Mas Band “CANAVAL”. Soca has HEMO to thank for bringing the art form to Japan and she and “LIME Records” continue to spread Caribbean music and culture in Asia.

From the twin island Trinidad & Tobago Kevaughn Lurbz Savory
has been very energetic & charismatic when it comes to his passion of being on a mic. His vibrant energy will always keep you moving and jumping when he’s on set portraying his high level of interaction especially when it comes to the crowd. Lurbz can always be found doing whatever needs to be done to maximize the level of engagement, whether it may be jumping into the crowd or climbing on scaffoldings, his main goal is to make sure he delivers a top notch performance.

Challenged by a friend on becoming an MC, Lurbz started his first job at Red 96.7fm on the overnight shift alongside his Dj Aswaad Peters (Dj Aswaad). They played on a night shift for 3 years from 2007-2010, until they got the opportunity to work at SLAM 100.5fm the #1 progressive urban station with the prime time drive time shift from 3pm-6pm, now with his own radio program “The Road Block”.

Lurbz can be found at some of T&T’s top events (Tribe, Bliss, Rogue, Scorch, Caesars Army, Punchy Punch,Creme Dela Creme) just to name a few. Lurbz has a great following in the uptown market and is also known as one of the top ranked upcoming Host/MC’s in the entertainment industry. Lurbz is currently backed by international brand Heineken & the telecommunication company Bmobile (TSTT) being the face and Brand Ambassador for these companies.

Pushing himself vigorously to spread his talent regionally and internationally Lurbz has played in countries such as St.Lucia, Antigua, Jamaica, Grenada, Barbados regionally & international countries such as New York, Miami, and Houston Texas.

His goal is to spread the love for music through his energy wherever he goes.