What is the USC 2018 RSVP program?

    1. The RSVP program enables passengers to guarantee their spot on USC 2019 by putting a US$250 RSVP Fee down. The RSVP Fee guarantees that you will have a place on USC 2019 and priority placement in the booking cue behind DAMM 2018 (Dat Aint Missing Me) program members, but ahead of regular bookings.

Can I still sign up for the DAMM (Dat Aint Missing Me) Program?

The RSVP program is not to be confused with the DAMM program, which is now closed. Guests who have already registered for the DAMM 2018 program, do not need to complete an RSVP.

When will the RSVP Fee be credited to my account?

Once we send out the advanced e-booking link and Booking Token, you will be able to complete the reservation, at which time the $250 credit will be automatically applied to the account within 14 days based on who left an RSVP fee. Once the credit(s) has been applied, the total balance due on the account will be reduced and a new lower monthly payment figure will be produced. If you choose a stateroom category higher than an Inner Soca (Interior cabin) you must pay the difference in deposit rate.

Will I still be required to leave a deposit once I book?

Yes, the RSVP fee is not to be confused with a booking deposit. The deposit will still be required at the time of booking and the amount will be based on the type of stateroom you choose. The deposit fees, range from US$250 – US$650 per person. Example: You leave a $250 RSVP fee, but choose an Ocean view stateroom in future so you would owe $350 deposit – $250 RSVP fee = $100 USD deposit balance.

Do you have more information regarding the cruise line, ship, lineup and pricing for USC 2019?

We have not announced the ship, destination, lineup or 2019 pricing at this time. This information will be released shortly.

What if I am unsure of who I am traveling with?

The RSVP Program is based on double occupancy (2 people in a cabin). All information regarding your guest must be entered at the time of completing your RSVP.  Keep in mind you will need to pay for all guest’s RSVP fee ($250/person) in order to complete the RSVP. If you wish to change the payment responsibilities later, you can contact us at support@ubersocacruise.com.

What is the advanced access e-booking link?

Once we have completed all DAMM program reservations, we will send out an advanced access e-booking link via email to all RSVPs. Once the link is sent, you will have 72-hours to complete your reservation using the link. After 72-hours, your priority booking access will expire and you will join the general booking cue.

If I leave an RSVP Fee, will I be able to cancel it later on?

Should you, or any of your guests, wish to cancel your RSVP Fee, you MUST do so within 5 days of the official launch. If you cancel your RSVP, you will receive a refund minus a US$50 administration fee. If you fail to cancel your RSVP within 5 days of the launch and/or complete your cabin reservation, the RSVP Fee becomes NON-REFUNDABLE. No exceptions!