Vaccinations and testing are no longer required to cruise or enter the United States. 

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  1. A completed DAMM Registration does not constitute a cabin reservation. Once we launch Ubersoca Cruise Spring 2024, you will receive a unique 2024 Reservation Token and it is your responsibility to complete a cabin reservation at that time.
  2. Due to overwhelming demand, cabins are limited and sold on a first come first serve basis. The 2024 DAMM Program gives DAMM Members priority when selecting a cabin; it does not, however, guarantee an actual cabin reservation.
  3. Should you receive the 2024 Booking Token and not execute a cabin booking, USC will not be held liable in the event the cruise sells out, or if you are unable to book the cabin category/deck of your choice.
  4. In order to execute an active cabin reservation online, all passengers MUST accept USC’s Terms and Conditions and the Cruise Line’s General Ticketing Contract.
  5. 2024 DAMM Registrations are non-transferrable and only the primary guest whose credit card has been debited for the 2024 DAMM program can use the credit towards their 2024 reservation. DAMM REGISTRATIONS CANNOT BE RESOLD.
  6. Only 1 RSVP registration is permitted per primary. Duplicate DAMM signups are not permitted and guests are not permitted to break off from DAMM Members to execute their own reservation once USC opens the reservations system.
  7. DAMM Members will have 48 hours from the official online announcement of the 2024 dates to request a refund on their 2024 DAMM deposit (minus a $50 administration fee per guest). If you do not cancel the DAMM Registration within 48 hours of the announcement of the sailing dates or fail to complete an actual reservation, the DAMM Fee becomes NON-REFUNDABLE. All cancellations must be emailed to
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Double Sail Options
Double The SOCA

November 11-16, 2023
November 16-21, 2023

Double Sail Options
Double The SOCA